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A local deli had packaging for gift hampers, but this didn’t fit the bill for the new platter delivery service. Aylesbury Box Company stepped in and manufactured bespoke boxes.
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Deli-cious Boxes


Deli-cious Boxes

What happens when you run a deli and café, but lockdown forces closure? This was the case for No2 Pound Street, artisan cheese and wine specialist in Wendover. Like many other small businesses, they were quick to adapt and transform the business model.

The premises closed to customers, but considering local needs, they set up a home delivery service. When planning what could be offered, they decided on specialist food platters. These could be packaged up for local delivery, courier services or collection from the deli. With the shop closed, tables were cleared. This offered more space for managing the retail side of the business.

Customer Experience Informs Packaging Solution

The team had the packaging for gift hampers, but this didn’t fit the bill for the new platter delivery service. They contacted Helen, an Aylesbury Box Company Account Manager and No2 Pound Street customer. Having talked through the requirements, Helen was left to come up with a solution.

No2 Pound Street was delighted with the packaging design that Helen developed.

“The quality of the branded boxes provided by Aylesbury Box Company was fantastic. The design supports the placement of produce. This keeps the product intact and keeps the platters looking good. We put considerable time and effort into considering the products we supply. This investment in positive experiences is extended with the packaging. We are very aware that what the customer sees when their delivery arrives and they first open the box makes a lasting impression.”

-Nicola Grant, Owner, No2 Point Street

The platters proved a popular choice, both as a delicious treat for those stuck at home and as tasty gifts. As demand rose, it presented another challenge – fulfilling the delivery service. A wonderful team of local volunteers offered their time to keep isolating customers supplied with food. Nicola acknowledges that the team couldn’t have done it without this community support.

As restrictions were lifted, the deli offered outdoor seating and takeaway platters. They also provided a lunch delivery service in Wendover. The disposable boxes, accompanied by wooden cutlery, were a safer option for staff and customers.

“The Deli Deluxe Platter Box was absolutely delicious. Great value for money and well curated. Took it up Coombe Hill for a lovely lunch. Wooden knives included.”

– Chris – local customer

An Involving Business Model

The forced changes to the business have presented challenges, but also opportunities. For one thing, the platter delivery service has attracted new customers.

When considering how to continue home deliveries without the volunteer team, they came up with a fresh approach. They allocated specific days for orders to be delivered to local towns and villages for free. For those living further afield or wanting a delivery on a different day, courier services were engaged. Collection from the shop was also available.

A Covid recovery grant also aided the transformation of two store rooms into a training room and cheese ageing room. As No2 Pound Street is an Associate Partner of the Academy of Cheese, the training room will be used to teach their Internationally recognised Level 1 &2 qualifications. This has previously been delivered virtually, but can now be attended in person, with cheese tasting included.

They have been successful in an application for a license to sell alcohol, which enables the training room to be used for cheese and wine tasting events and small private parties.

The cheese ageing room allows them to purchase artisan cheeses in larger quantities. This makes it viable for the business to supply hotels and restaurants with exclusive cheeses. It also allows them to age cheese onsite, meaning it will take on a distinctive flavour. The longer-term plan is to make their own cheese.

This is a business that survived lockdown whilst also spotting opportunities to develop. As we continue to work towards the relaxing of restrictions, they are ready to drive things forward.

“They did an amazing job in lockdown, keeping us all stock with goodies and they linked up with local business for milk, bread and vegetables. I hope everyone continues to shop local and support businesses like No2 Pound Street.”

– Helen, local customer

New Packaging Requirements

Is your business is evolving and there is a need for bespoke boxes? If so, get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk. Our experienced team will listen to your requirements, offer advice and provide packaging solutions that work.

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