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As supermarkets work towards delivering what the customer now wants, there will be growing pressure on producers to use sustainable packaging. Brands who stick with non-recyclable packaging risk being excluded from the supply chain.
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Sustainable Packaging for Ethical Shoppers


Sustainable Packaging for Ethical Shoppers

To kickstart the New Year, Coop announced that they are bringing forward their commitment to using 100% recyclable packaging for their own brand goods. Initially, the supermarket pledged to achieve this goal by 2023. They now intend to lead the pack by reaching the milestone this summer.

As part of the research for this move, the Coop identified that ethical spending had increased at a considerably higher rate than household spending this century. In 1999, the average household spent £202 on ethical products. It reached £1,278 in 2018. With the growing awareness of the environmental damage caused by plastic pollution, sustainability has become a consumer concern.

In response, the Coop has put an immediate ban on the use of black plastic, which is not currently recyclable. They have actively reduced any unnecessary product packaging and are preparing to launch a national collection for plastic film, which is not yet processed in council collection services.

Following our recent article on supermarket pledges to reduce plastic waste, we are delighted to hear that positive action is underway.

As supermarkets work towards delivering what the customer now wants, there will be growing pressure on producers to use sustainable packaging. Brands who stick with non-recyclable packaging, risk being excluded from the supply chain.

Packaging for Vegan Food Deliveries

The increase in demand for plant-based foods is a clear indicator that shoppers are making more ethical choices. Whether opting to remove meat from a couple of meals a week, to fully embracing a vegan diet, we now see plant-based options on supermarket shelves, takeaway menus and recipe box deliveries.

People are making the decision to improve their health and reduce their environmental impact by reducing their intake of meat, fish and dairy. For the producers, meal delivery services, street food stalls, it is important that these ethical decisions are not compromised by using anything other than sustainable packaging.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are naturally protective and insulating. Formed from largely recycled fibres, they offer an affordable and practical delivery solution. Small corrugated cardboard boxes are already widely used by fish and chip shops, festival caterers and pizza delivery teams. Larger corrugated cardboard boxes are the packaging of choice for recipe boxes and produce deliveries.

Sustainable cardboard packaging is straightforward to print. This means that branded packaging is affordable. If you are looking to make a name for yourself in the emerging vegan market, this is an essential consideration.

According to FEFCO data, around 40% of the UK’s food products are packaged in corrugated cardboard. This shows that it is a tried and tested packaging material for consumables.

Ethical Packaging; Not Just for Vegans

Manufacturers and retailers do not need to be producing vegan products to make the switch to sustainable packaging. Results of a ShopperCentric survey at the end of 2019 suggests that two-thirds of buyers would like to see non-recycled packaging banned. Those brands that have shifted to sustainable packaging are favoured and there is expected to be a continued shift in this direction.

If sustainability is on your agenda for 2020 (and it should be!), Aylesbury Box Company can help you to understand the options and possible restrictions of printed corrugated cardboard packaging.

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For further information, call us on 01296 436888. We look forward to helping you go green by manufacturing bespoke boxes to best fit your products.

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