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Whilst one of the nation’s favourite take-aways have made pizza boxes a familiar carton design, very few of our orders come from pizza companies. They are more often used for e-commerce packaging.
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Shipping in Pizza Style Boxes


Shipping in Pizza Style Boxes

One of the most popular cardboard box designs is 0426; only surpassed by a close alternative, the 0427. Both are regularly referred to as a pizza box. Whilst one of the nation’s favourite take-aways have made these a familiar carton design, very few of our orders come from pizza companies. They are more often used for e-commerce packaging.

What makes a Pizza Box Popular?

The 0426 and 0427 ‘pizza boxes’ can be manufactured to any length, width and depth. No matter what the dimensions, they are a single-piece construction, with double-sided, reinforced edges and an integral hinge feature.

The main benefits of these features are:

Single Piece – It is supplied flat-packed, for space-saving storage, but is quick to assemble and there is no need to match lids or other separate parts.

Double-Sided – The folded edges add to the robust, protective quality of the carton, making it ideal for keeping goods in perfect condition during shipping.

Integral Hinge – The hinge help to keep the box shut, yet it also makes it more intuitive for the end customer to open.

What Products are shipped in Pizza Boxes?

Aylesbury Box Company have produced bespoke pizza boxes for a full range of products. They can be ideal retail packaging, as well as being suitable for e-commerce deliveries. To give a few examples, they are used for children’s toys and construction sets, a variety of subscription box products and electronic goods. They can be ideal for fragile items, such as glass baubles and ceramic mugs, as well as being suitable for bulky items.

One of our most recent new customers requested made-to-measure pizza style boxes to ship motorbike screens and bodywork parts.

Powerbronze Motorcycle Parts

Powerbronze designs and manufactures innovative motorbike components. These quality components are developed to fit perfectly with original Manufacturer parts. They are also compliant with German ABE/TUV specifications. If you are looking for bespoke parts for your motorbike, simply type in the make, model and year of your bike and all relevant parts will be displayed.

With a global dealer network, Powerbronze ship these British-made parts around the world. Customers in Australia need to be as satisfied with the condition of their motorbike screen or bodywork part, as someone visiting Powerbronze in West Sussex. Robust, custom made shipping boxes make this possible.

Powerbronze approached Aylesbury Box Company with their existing packaging, requesting a quote for recreating the printed 0427 pizza style box in different dimensions. We were able to offer a quick turnaround on the samples and artwork, as well as a competitive price.

Packaging Solutions

From small runs of 0426 branded boxes for e-commerce deliveries to bulk orders of 0427 cartons for national and international shipping, Aylesbury Box Company aim to provide cost-effective packaging solutions. With low-cost tooling, it can be commercially viable to add your stamp by branding the boxes, adding a design or providing printed instructions.

We offer an online packaging quote service. If you are looking for a particular style of box, in a specific dimension and have some idea of the volume and print requirements, we can quote. If you prefer to speak with someone and have the opportunity to ask questions, give us a call on 01296 436888.

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