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Packaging and the Circular Economy


Packaging and the Circular Economy

Whether you are driven by ideological or economic motives, there are considerable advantages to the efficient production processes that are central to the principles of a circular economy.

Aylesbury Box Company is fervent about environmental considerations when designing and producing packaging solutions and we know you’ll benefit from our approach.

The circular economy focuses on a full life cycle approach that embraces sustainable practices. It is all about striving to seek new solutions that reduce the need for raw materials and minimise waste.

Sustainable Packaging Design

Subtle changes to a design concept can have a considerable impact on the volume of materials being used during large scale production. This has a positive impact on the costs of production, as well as the environment, so everyone’s a winner!
Sustainable packaging design might incorporate a higher volume of recycled materials, or it might look to reduce the layers of essential packaging. It could minimise the number of different materials used to make it easier to recycle, or it could focus on improving durability to increase the lifespan of the packaging.

Aylesbury Box Company willingly recommends alternative design ideas which achieve the functionality and quality that you require, in a more sustainable way.

Packaging Manufacture

Cardboard packaging can be created from 100% recycled materials. The cellulose fibres break down time and again and are widely used as a resource in the manufacture of new boxes. Not every customer wants 100% recycled boxes, so we also produce cardboard packaging which is 80% recycled and 20% sourced from sustainably managed forests with FSC accreditation. We are always mindful of cutting box templates in ways which minimise waste.

Beyond the raw material, the principles of a circular economy also focus on minimising the use of water and energy in the manufacturing process. Our careful use of resources cuts costs and allows us to offer you competitive prices.

Packaging Distribution

There’s no point in going to all this effort in the sustainable design and production of packaging, if we ship our cardboard boxes across the globe. By supplying companies within a 50 mile radius, we can effectively manage distribution networks and fuel use. Our close proximity to our customers also allows us to be responsive and to deliver a quick turn-around.

The Use and Recovery of Packaging

By designing durable, adaptable, reusable and recyclable boxes, Aylesbury Box Company ensures you get maximum value from each item. We also aim to make it as easy as possible for you to recycle at the end of a packaging product’s life and adopt circular economy principles in your processes. We can all play a part in avoiding the complete depletion of non-renewable resources and offer a better world to future generations.

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