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Environmental Best Practice


Environmental Best Practice

Aylesbury Box Company is actively working towards the POPAI best practice guidelines. Our expertise in cardboard engineering techniques, design and manufacture, allows us to produce packaging that meets the needs of retailers, brands and customers, whilst minimising the environmental impact

For the retailer, point of sale packaging needs to be easy to identify, open, shelve and dispose of. It must be professionally printed and structurally sound. They need a packaging manufacturer that can deliver to their requirements. There is also growing pressure to create point of sale packaging that complies with the ‘Guide to Environmental Best Practice’ which has been produced by Point Of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI).

The POPAI guide advises that by considering the environmental impact of the packaging at the design, manufacture, display and disposal stages. Packaging manufacturers are being encouraged to design for re-use, for example with a reusable, central core that can be updated or durable modular systems which are adaptable.

The use of recycled materials and lightweight designs are also encouraged in order to use less energy in production, less fuel in transport, make it easier for retail staff to handle and to minimise waste. It is also important that such packaging is made from a minimum number of different materials, so it is easy to deconstruct and recycle.

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