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Cardboard boxes are robust & protective, yet these features are compromised if they get wet. So, how do we make cardboard moisture resistant?
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How to Make Cardboard Moisture Resistant


How to Make Cardboard Moisture Resistant

Cardboard boxes are known to be robust and protective, which is why they are widely used for product packaging and shipping. However, if your deliveries have ever been left out in the rain, you are well aware that moisture can compromise these credentials. The same issue can occur in cold storage. So, how do we make cardboard moisture resistant?

Moisture Resistant Barrier Coatings for Cardboard Boxes

Paper, carton board and corrugated cardboard are formed from natural wood fibres. They are porous, meaning they absorb moisture. Packaging is tested to ensure there is no impact on performance at 50% humidity and most warehouses have temperature and humidity controls. However, when packaging does get damp, it becomes soft and is more prone to breaking apart.

You don’t want to risk products falling out of the bottom of a box when it is picked up. At the same time, you want to avoid plastic packaging where possible, so what’s the solution?

Let’s think about when you drink a takeaway coffee from a paper cup; it doesn’t fall apart in your hands. That is because most disposable paper cups, along with many other food grade packaging, are treated with a thin application of barrier film. This helps to protect the integrity of the packaging even when it is filled with liquid.

A barrier film can also be applied to shipping boxes to stop cardboard from absorbing moisture during storage and transit.

The issue with many barrier films is that the coating can’t be recycled. This is because the wax, silicone and chemicals used don’t break down in the usual process. It requires specialist recycling companies to keep this packaging in the loop and, in too many cases, it isn’t processed.

Are there Recyclable Barrier Coatings for Cardboard?

Aylesbury Box Company are committed to sustainability and circular thinking. So, we’ve been seeking out a solution that can be recycled. Fortunately, we discovered a Seigwerk UNILAC barrier coating which repels water, oils and grease. The difference with this product is that it is produced from renewable-sourced, natural resins. These break down when the boxes are repulped, recycled or composted.

This sustainable barrier coating has achieved EN 13432 ‘Packaging: requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation’ and is Global Food Standard compliant.

Our printing machines can apply this moisture and grease-resistant layer as part of our in-house manufacturing process. Depending on your packaging requirements, we can coat the inside and/or outside of corrugated shipping boxes. Let us assure you that opting for a barrier coating does not affect the print colours, design or quality used to brand your boxes.

We recommend this sustainable barrier coating if you have concerns that the temperature and humidity of transport and storage conditions may deteriorate uncoated boxes. It is also advisable for shipping foods and flowers, which can spoil in damp packaging.

Cardboard that Combats the Effects of Damp

An alternative option is to use a special corrugated cardboard called Hyperflute. This is formed using paper treated with a water-resistant coating and it also happens to be 100% recyclable. We receive the pre-treated corrugated cardboard sheets, which we cut, fold and shape into your chosen box style and dimensions.

This solution does mean that we can not apply water-based inks to the surface, so is recommended for orders of plain shipping boxes.

Moisture Resistant Packaging Advice

These are two examples of the moisture resistant cardboard packaging that we offer, however there are alternative applications. Our team are happy to recommend options to best suit your requirements. If you have questions about the suitability of sustainable barrier coating or water resistant corrugated cardboard for your product packaging, please contact our team. Telephone 01296 436888 or email

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