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The Ultimate Delivery

We know that corrugated cardboard boxes are widely used because they offer strength and protection, as well as padding and insulation. Every day millions of fragile, delicate and valuable items are carefully packaged in cardboard boxes in order to keep them in pristine condition. Having...

Packaging Design for Clothing

At this time of year, many of us are packing for holidays. As we anxiously weigh our case to check if it is still within the weight restriction, or sit on our bag in a bid to do it up, we may ponder the best...

Get Packing

According to a report published by Technavio, the demand for recyclable packaging solutions is expected to increase by 7% between 2016 and 2020. In recent years, a greater awareness of recycling and the circular economy has driven demand for packaging that is produced from sustainable materials,...

Cardboard Packaging Winners!

Aylesbury Box Company would like to congratulate the students at St Benedict’s Catholic High School, who were recent winners of the CPI Paper Works Design Technology Competition for cardboard packaging! This national competition is an annual event, open to 11-14 year olds in the UK. Each...

Common Footprint Quality (CFQ) Standard

When it comes to fresh produce, retailers and consumers want fresh goods as soon as possible after they are picked. We want to select flowers, fruits and vegetables that are crisp and bright with a reasonable shelf life. In order to get good from field to...

Set Out to Sea in a Cardboard Box

What would you do with 24 single wall cardboard boxes, one double walled box, 12 cardboard edge protectors and three rolls of tape? Building a seaworthy boat might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but that was the ‘starter kit’ that Isle of...

Sustainable Packaging for Our Caffeine Fix

Our taste for coffee has certainly been increasing. According to data produced by the Financial Times, there were around 18,000 coffee outlets in the UK in 2015, selling us 1.7bn cups per year. If all of those cups were being recycled, there would be no...

Business Advice: Trademarks

In the cardboard packaging business, we meet many customers who are looking for the ideal way to present, store and transport their product ranges. Some of the customers are from established companies, whilst others are just starting up their own business. If you have developed a...

Celebrating the Original Cardboard Manufacturer

Did your delivery arrive in a cardboard box this morning? Can you spot one in your fridge? I bet you have a few lurking in your store cupboard! Almost all of us will encounter a cardboard box at some point during every day. As the most...

Glass Bottles to Cardboard Boxes

It started with the milkman delivering a selection of essentials to your door at the crack of dawn; electric floats delivering recyclable glass milk bottles ready for your morning breakfast. It might be a memory from the past, but food delivery has been making a...