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Harvest Festival

Autumn: kicking up leaves, crackling bonfires and a bounty of fruit; what a delightful season! If any of you have an apple, pear or plum tree in the garden, this is the season to gather in your harvest. Fresh, juicy and delicious, there’s little more satisfying...

Resurgence in UK Manufacturing

The fall in value of sterling probably meant that you didn’t get a great exchange rate for your summer holiday and the value continues to drop. This may sound like devastating news, but there are considerable advantages to being in this financial position. One clear...

Provence; Landscapes, Historic Towns and Cardboard

The rolling hills of sunflowers, lavender and Rhone Valley vineyards have a natural appeal. Scattered with medieval towns and the delights of Provencal cuisine, it is no surprise that this region of Southern France has attracted visitors for centuries. Impressionist artists were inspired by the...

Packaging and Shipping Challenge

You’ve invested in an online business and are busy building your brand reputation, creating desirable items and celebrating a good order coming in. You can’t imagine your customers feeling anything but delight. They’re going to be writing rave reviews, recommending you to their friends and...

Celebrating Corrugated Cardboard

It might not be as exciting as a birthday party, especially as there is no cake involved, but we feel it’s time to give the humble corrugated cardboard box a little praise. Corrugated cardboard is one of the most environmentally responsible materials for product packaging. What’s...

Paper with a Sustainable Twist

At this month’s Packaging Innovations event, paper maker’s Favini showcased their latest range of papers, which explore a new dimension in sustainable production. Crush paper has been 18 months in development, but the process has now been refined in order to produce sustainable papers in...

Cardboard Crime Prevention

Cardboard cut-outs might be a familiar sight in the cinema foyer, but we’ve recently discovered that cardboard cut outs have also been playing an important role in reducing criminal activity. We’ve all seen programmes such as Crimewatch, where viewers are shown CCTV images, re-enactments and other...

Is Sustainable Packaging Important?

Manufacturers will consider a number of factors when deciding on the best packaging for their products. They select the right materials and design to protect goods during storage and transit, to comply with industry regulations and to be cost effective. Another consideration is whether the...

Cardboard Surfboards!

Over the summer you may have squeezed into a wetsuit and headed out to sea with a surfboard in hand. There is certainly a draw to the adrenalin rush of riding a wave. The challenge and reward are sufficient to encourage many people to endure...

Cutting Corners with Cheap Packaging

When times are tough, it is common for a company to review its strategy, productivity and processes. Are there any ways in which outgoings can be reduced, income can be increased or ideally both? The challenge is that boosting sales, increasing efficiency and getting the most...