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An essential for every delivery company is packaging, especially when transporting fresh produce. To minimise the carbon footprint, this fish company were keen to find a UK based packaging supplier.
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Fishing for Fresh Business Opportunities


Fishing for Fresh Business Opportunities

According to UK Start-up Statistics, 65% of employees dream of becoming their own boss. In 2019/2020, 665,495 new businesses were founded. One of these was C & J Fishery; a family-run business that turned their dream into reality.

Introducing C & J Fishery

This London-based business is keen for us all to enjoy the tastes and health benefits of including more fish and seafood in our diet. Around the globe, fish and seafood are top of the menu and there are so many different varieties that are quick to cook and delicious to eat.

C & J Fishery was launched just before the pandemic struck. For some businesses, this would have been unfortunate and unfavourable timing, but not for these entrepreneurs. Their commitment to delivering sustainably sourced fresh fish to the door paid off. Most shoppers were looking for convenient ways to get fresh produce, without having to go to the supermarket. C & J Fishery was quick to respond to this need and business took off.

“Fresh seafood delivered straight to your door, also great communication and friendly service”

– F. Luis, Customer

As lockdown lifted, the company were able to expand by supplying London restaurants, hotels and private chefs with fresh, sustainably sourced fish and seafood. This area of the business is growing, alongside domestic deliveries, but the founders are exploring new opportunities.

Expanding the Delivery Offer

Plans are underway to establish a second distribution centre outside of the capital. This would enable the team to expand their reach; delivering to regions across the UK.

C & J Fishery are also developing a pescatarian meal kit as a subscription service. Inspired by recipes from around the world, the ingredients will create amazing dishes to tantalise the tastebuds. They want to celebrate fish and seafood and encourage home chefs to experiment with new flavours and cooking techniques.

Searches for pescatarian recipes are growing; foods rich in protein and essential oils are favoured in Ketogenic diets and many people are looking to reduce meat consumption. This subscription meal kit could give us all greater confidence in cooking with fresh fish.

Sustainable Printed Packaging in Line with Company Values

An essential for every delivery company is packaging, especially when transporting fresh produce. The fish and seafood need to reach the customer in top condition, so protective packaging is essential. C & J Fishery also wanted their delivery boxes to engage interest. They desired a classy, eye-catching print design that would stand their brand apart.

In addition, the packaging manufacturer needed to share their company ethos, specifically around sustainability and great customer service. To minimise the carbon footprint, they were keen to find a UK based packaging supplier.

They researched the market and liaised with other companies to shortlist packaging companies before requesting advice, quotes and samples. This informed their decision to order from Aylesbury Box company.

“Aylesbury Box Company were easy to deal with. They understood our needs quickly, were responsive and open to our lines of questioning. They helped us to understand what can be achieved, specifically relating to the print design and how the colours would look when printed on the brown cardboard boxes. Helen even dropped off a printed sample box, to check our expectations would be met. The results are stunning; the colours and design have the impact we were looking for.”

– Dionne Corlis, C & J Fishery

We were delighted to deliver their order of 0201 bespoke boxes, printed with their blue and black design. They offer a flavour of the sea before you even look at what’s inside. We wish this company continued success and look forward to working with them again as the plans come to fruition.

Looking for a UK Packaging Company?

If you are an entrepreneur who is keen to establish your market position with the help of branded delivery boxes, get in touch. We are an FSC Accredited packaging company, manufacturing and supplying boxes in the UK.

Our knowledgeable team will recommend sustainable packaging solutions to fit your brief and budget. Call us on 01296 436888 or email enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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