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Our role as a cardboard packaging manufacturer is to provide bespoke boxes. We help e-commerce retailers to put their brand into the hands of customers that they will never meet in person.
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Meeting the Demand for E-commerce & Packaging


Meeting the Demand for E-commerce & Packaging

The convenience, choice and speed of delivery offered by e-commerce retailers have driven the shift to online shopping. Compounded by self-isolation, even those who resisted digital have rapidly increased online spending. Our role as a cardboard packaging manufacturer is to provide bespoke boxes. We help e-commerce retailers to put their brand into the hands of customers that they will never meet in person.

Consumer Priorities Informing Packaging Design

The Credit Suisse Emerging Consumer Survey 2021 provides us with insight into the priorities for end buyers across the globe. It reports a strong shift online, as well as a notable lean towards sustainable, healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

As the packaging that arrives on the doorstep or through the letterbox forms the first impression of a brand, it has to satisfy these customer needs. Consumers want their products to arrive in top condition, but excessive packaging is not acceptable. They favour recycled and easy to recycle packaging, like cardboard boxes.

If you are preparing to launch an e-commerce enterprise, ensure that sustainability is high on the agenda from the offset.

Shoppers are spending more on natural skincare, bamboo clothing and vegan foods. When unboxing, they want to discover a vibrant print or brand story; something that adds a personalised touch. They don’t want goods delivered in bubble wrap and layers of plastic. To address this, we supply our customers with sustainable alternatives including corrugated dividers, tissue paper and shredded cardboard.

Considered design also allows robust cardboard postal boxes to be reused for returns. We can add tear strips and adhesive tape to make it simple for shoppers to send unwanted goods back in the same packaging as they were received.

Community Retail Champions

This shift towards Net Zero retail and health products is also reported in Deloitte Retail Trends 2021. This report also highlights a move towards hyper-local shopping. Will those retailers who supported their community through lockdown be rewarded with customer loyalty into 2022?

Our packaging team have helped several local businesses to quickly adapt to e-commerce. We hope that this pays dividends for businesses like Kings Farm and No2 Pound Street.

Eating In: The Rise of Food Deliveries

Another notable change in consumer behaviour is an increase in online grocery shopping, purchases of meal kits and takeaway delivery services. Both consumer reports identified a considerable increase in online grocery shopping during the pandemic. Now a habit, there are shows no sign of decline as lockdown eases.

Deloitte Retail Trends shows a growing interest in cooking from scratch and Meal kit companies including Hello Fresh, Mindful Chef and Plateaway have seen orders soar. We have been on hand to provide cardboard delivery boxes for Plateaway to send out top chef’s recipes and ingredients.

One of the challenges of an increase in food deliveries is the collection of cardboard. We raised this in our article about Meal Kits and the Circular Economy.

Another issue is packaging the carefully weighed ingredients sustainably. It is particularly difficult to send wet ingredients such as sauces without using plastic. There is also a fine balance between packaging waste and preventing food waste. With increased consumer awareness around environmental impact, it is no surprise that changes to Meal kit packaging are being explored and implemented.

Specialist Cardboard Packaging Manufacturer

From e-commerce start-ups to established businesses that have moved online, Aylesbury Box Company has provided sustainable packaging solutions. Our bespoke boxes are optimised to best fit the products and our knowledge of print finishes helps brands to make an impact.

To discuss your cardboard packaging requirement, benefit from our advice and request a quote, please contact our team on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk

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