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Aylesbury Box Company: The Thinking Inside the Box

News from the World of Boxes

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Packaging Expertise

As a cardboard box manufacturer, our expertise pays dividends from the moment the customer gets in touch. Do you know exactly what you need when you order product packaging? Aylesbury Box Company was recently contacted to quote for a box for whisky boxes. The design agency provided...

Edible Packaging

Driven by a passion for sustainable practices, the team at Aylesbury Box Company take interest in innovative packaging solutions. This has led us to research on the potential of mushrooms as an insulating packaging material. As fungi grow, they send out a network of underground fibres...

The Power of Books

Are you gripped by a real page turner? Have you found a great book to help with your studies? Who is your favourite author? Books provide us with knowledge, entertainment, information and inspiration. The words on the page can make us laugh, cry or offer us a...

How to Avoid Using your Returns Policy

As an ecommerce business, you have to give customers the option to change their mind. You also have to replace goods that are damaged or faulty. In order to minimise the costs associated with returns, it is important to match your customer’s expectations. Cheap Packaging Cheap packaging...

Make the Switch: to Cardboard

Polystyrene has widely been used in food packaging, but change is occurring. An increasing interest in sustainable solutions has resulted in a shift towards cardboard alternatives. Unlike polystyrene, cardboard packaging can be made from recycled material and recycled again after use. Even if it reaches landfill,...

What’s in your Trolley?

How Retail Packaging Influences Buying Decisions Have you seen the ‘Eat Well for Less’ series on television that encourages families to reduce their food shopping bill? As part of this programme, favourite food items are placed into plain, non-branded packaging. The twist is that certain items are the...