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Aylesbury Box Company: The Thinking Inside the Box

News from the World of Boxes

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Kids Tackle Packaging Waste

How do you encourage young people to bin their litter? The Government is considering the introduction of a ‘reward and return’ scheme. A financial incentive could certainly help to increase plastic bottle recycling, but is it enough? When it comes to young people, peer influence...

Tube Lines

Do Cardboard Tubes Provide a Better Packaging Solution than a Box? Rolling up paper or textiles is a good way to minimise the risk of the item getting creased. This is why posters, maps and other large paper prints are typically packaged in a cardboard tube....

Is your Packaging Design Viable?

Have you got a packaging idea that needs developing? Aylesbury Box Company can help! Packaging Design Challenges This image is the template for a cardboard cup holder. The designer had been working on an idea for a while, but whilst he was almost there, it wasn’t quite...

The Craft of Luxury Packaging

If you are aiming for the luxury market, it’s not just your products that have to shine. Every detail needs to exude quality. Many brands focus on creating the next trend, or exploit a growing trend. The luxury market is different. With an emphasis on lasting,...

Branded Delivery Boxes

A plain, brown, corrugated cardboard box is a practical packaging solution. The robust design has been used to pack, store and transport millions of different products. A plain, brown, corrugated cardboard box is also uninspiring. Quite honestly, it is a missed opportunity to market your brand...

Packaging Design: How to Brief a Graphic Designer

When it comes to creating professional and exciting packaging, the skills of a graphic designer are worth paying for. A strong brand image can transform the look and feel of your product range. Having spent time developing a new packaging concept, it’s disheartening when we receive...