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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you struggling for original Father’s Day gift ideas? You want something that reflects your dad’s interests and what he means to you. Let us help you find the ideal option and encourage you to support small businesses. Gift Ideas for Dads Not all men love beer...


Pawsitive News for Pet Retailers

Pets are part of the family. As such, they provide unconditional love and companionship, so it is no wonder that pet ownership is on the rise. This is great news for pet retailers, who are experiencing a rise in sales. As we supply packaging for...

Cat in printed cardboard box

Cat Friendly Boxes

Every cat owner knows that an empty cardboard box soon becomes a resting place for their feline friend. Now Tesla has released a corrugated cardboard cat house. It’s currently only available in China, but what alternatives do we recommend for UK cat lovers? Why do Cats...


Branded Packaging for Moon Roast

E-commerce and subscription box sales have provided a fantastic opportunity for a small coffee roaster; enabling their fresh blends to reach customers who live further afield. However, they were keen to maintain the strong connection they have with regular visitors, so branded packaging was a...


Subscription Box Company Seeks New Packaging Supplier

Time of your Life specialises in sustainable beauty for women aged 40+. This established subscription box company were seeking a new packaging supplier. They wanted better service and price than was offered by the previous contact, could Aylesbury Box Company deliver? Time of your Life Subscription...


Perfect Beer & Snack Pairings Boxed

Transforming plain shipping boxes into branded packaging doesn’t need to be complex or costly. Take the example of Beer Snack Club, a recently launched craft beer and snack pairing subscription box startup. They wanted to keep things simple and were mindful of budget, but they...


A Spectacle to Behold: Glasses Subscription Boxes

Aylesbury Box Company manufacture and print mailer boxes for a wide variety of subscription box companies. In this article, we put Frameworks, a glasses company looking for environmental packaging, in the spotlight. Spectacles and Socks in a Box Selecting a pair of glasses can be a challenging...


Culinary Adventures in a Box

Aylesbury Box Company have recently delivered these red printed cartons to Not Just Nibbles. Could they be posted through your letterbox in the coming months? Ever wished that your child was a little more adventurous about trying new foods? If you struggle with eating out or...


Growing Demand for Printed Subscription Boxes

In the 2019 Royal Mail report ‘UK Subscription Box Boom’ it was revealed that 27.5% of the population were signed up to at least one subscription service. As the opportunity to browse the shops has been hindered by Covid-19 restrictions, consumers have further increased their...


Stylish Cardboard Packaging Inspiration

Today we have come across a Pinterest board created by Lily Lee. This delightful collection shows the stylish simplicity that can be achieved with cardboard packaging. If you take a look at Lily’s Corrugated Box collection, you will see wonderful examples of subscription boxes, retail packaging...