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From the retailer’s perspective, subscription boxes help to build brand loyalty. They increase the level of predictability, which aids resource and revenue planning. Find the right niche and this is an attractive retail opportunity.
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Growing Demand for Printed Subscription Boxes


Growing Demand for Printed Subscription Boxes

In the 2019 Royal Mail report ‘UK Subscription Box Boom’ it was revealed that 27.5% of the population were signed up to at least one subscription service. As the opportunity to browse the shops has been hindered by Covid-19 restrictions, consumers have further increased their desire to purchase subscription box services.

Unlike ordering goods online, consumers sign up for an agreed period (typically 3-months to 1-year). Your weekly, fortnightly or monthly package is then delivered to their door. As the contents vary, there is anticipation about what’s will be received in the post. What will be inside the box this month? This adds to the excitement, much like receiving a gift.

From the retailer’s perspective, subscription boxes help to build brand loyalty. They increase the level of predictability, which aids resource and revenue planning. Find the right niche and this is an attractive retail opportunity.

Food & Drink Boxes

Food and drink products, including ingredient and recipe kits, snacking, tea, coffee, wine, beer and gin boxes have been incredibly popular in 2020. This surge of interest was encouraged when restaurants and cafes were forced to close in the first lockdown.

Food and drink subscription boxes offer inspiration, new flavour combinations and more excitement than the usual supermarket shop. Which? Reviews have covered some of the leading food and drink brands.

Health & Fitness Boxes

Boxd Protein is one of a growing number of monthly delivery boxes which focus on health and fitness. They provide 100% recyclable pouches of protein powder shakes, which have been specifically formulated for active women.

In addition to 21g protein, each pouch is enhanced with Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and D, Iron and Flaxseeds for Omega-3. This combination is designed to provide the nutrients required to aid recovery post-exercise, reduce fatigue and support the body’s metabolic and growth functions.

Aylesbury Box Company worked with Boxd protein to create printed subscription boxes which were strong and feminine, just like their customers. They were concerned with long-term sustainability and ease of recycling. It was also important to deliver a professional brand image with high-quality printed packaging.

If your interest is in relaxation rather than exercise, there is a good choice of wellness, mindfulness and pampering subscription boxes that might appeal.

Cosmetics and Grooming Boxes

Self-care is important and this was highlighted in The Royal Mail 2019 report which stated that Men’s grooming was the second most popular type of subscription box. When gyms, beauty salons, hairdressers and spas shut their doors in March 2020, consumers were looking for alternatives. This increased demand for cosmetic and grooming postal boxes.

One of the factors known to encourage buyers to extend their subscription is the opportunity to try new things. Unable to visit beauty counters, the samples, new colours and ranges that arrived each month have filled this desire. If you are preparing a subscription service, how will you engage and retain interest?

Minimising Packaging Waste

Whatever the content, one factor that puts subscribers off is excessive packaging. There is simply no need to be wasteful or to make it difficult to recycle packaging. When working with start-ups and retailers who are launching subscription services, Aylesbury Box Company is keen to promote sustainability.

We manufacture small postal boxes in all shapes and sizes, including slimline boxes that fit through the letterbox. All of our boxes are formed from a high percentage of recycled fibres. As paper-based packaging, they can be recycled again after use and are biodegradable.

Corrugated cardboard is lightweight, yet sufficiently robust to protect goods in transit. By designing custom boxes, we reduce or remove the need for fillers and offer paper-based options if required. Our print and finish options include water-based inks which have a very low environmental impact.

If you would like to discuss your packaging requirements for a new subscription service, get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company. Our knowledgeable team can be contacted on enquiries@abcbox.co.uk or 01296 436888.

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