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Aylesbury Box Company have recently delivered these red printed cartons to Not Just Nibbles. Awarded the ‘Best Subscription Box for Kids’ in the 2020 Junior Design Awards, let's find out more.
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Culinary Adventures in a Box


Culinary Adventures in a Box

Aylesbury Box Company have recently delivered these red printed cartons to Not Just Nibbles. Could they be posted through your letterbox in the coming months?

Ever wished that your child was a little more adventurous about trying new foods? If you struggle with eating out or cooking a range of healthy meals because they are fussy eaters, this could be the solution!

Not Just Nibbles was awarded the ‘Best Subscription Box for Kids’ in the 2020 Junior Design Awards, so what’s it all about?

Not just Nibbles Subscription Boxes

Not Just Nibbles is a children’s cooking subscription box set up by Danielle, a graduate of Leith’s Cookery School. The boxes contain fun, child-friendly recipes and instructions that they can make from scratch.

“The kits are designed with one goal in mind: to encourage kids to eat more vegetables. Studies have shown that children are more likely to eat food they have been involved in preparing. This is why Not Just Nibbles has proven results in growing vegetable-loving kids.”

– Danielle McCann, Not Just Nibbles

With a fun approach and all the dry ingredients supplied, the children learn about safe food preparation and develop their palette. It might give you a night off cooking too! The origins of foods and nutrients are also explored in Danielle’s ‘Great Groceries’ booklet and the monthly activities which are included in the subscription box.

Sustainable Kitchen Consultants ensure that the recipes are plant-based and planet-friendly. This sustainable ethos is carried through every aspect of the business, including the packaging.

Subscription Box Packaging Design

When Danielle launched Not Just Nibbles, the subscription boxes used were not always fit for purpose. She received several calls from customers showing boxes that had been battered in the post. This was far from the first impression that she wanted to make.

Danielle has a background in design and branding and decided that the new packaging would not only be more robust but also brighter. She created a design that could be printed in a single colour, to make an impact.

She contacted several packaging companies with her design and print specifications. She said that most packaging companies placed limitations on what could be achieved. The message she received was that her packaging design wasn’t possible.

Quality Packaging Solutions

Having asked for recommendations on a Facebook group for UK Subscription companies, Danielle heard about Aylesbury Box Company. She got in touch and said that the team helped get things started. They began by providing a sample box, which could be tested to ensure it was sufficiently robust.

Danielle said the printed box was much stronger and better quality than her original packaging. Aylesbury Box Company was also able to provide the print design freedom that she desired; they could fulfil her brief, exactly as she wanted it.

“Aylesbury Box Company were helpful from the start. John maintained regular communication through the process, so I understood what was going on. There were a few issues, but these were ironed out quickly. The red boxes are well made, great quality and exactly what I was hoping for. They will add to the excitement and anticipation that children have when their subscription box comes through the letterbox.”

– Danielle McCann

Having been satisfied with the quality and visual impact of this first batch, the plan is to order more of the same design but in different colours. This will maintain the brand image and familiarity but will add variety, as the colour will change each month. Would this be the ideal package for your children to receive through the letterbox?

Cardboard Packaging Specialist

Aylesbury Box Company are happy to provide advice, quotes and samples for your subscription box specifications. We ensure that your bespoke packaging is functional, as well as looking the part. As a result, your customers will be delighted when their monthly delivery arrives. Get in touch on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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