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Give Customers What they Wish For

Entertain and Engage with Retail Packaging Packaging has long played a vital role in influencing buyer’s decisions and gaining the competitive edge. As shopping habits change, product packaging has to keep pace with consumer expectations in order to remain relevant and appealing. According to Mintel’s 2017 Global...


Fresh Thinking in Packaging Design

When it comes to environmental criteria, plastic has a bad reputation. It may have a myriad of practical uses, but there are two primary problems with plastic: It isn’t biodegradable Only 14% of plastic waste is collected and recycled These two factors result in a high...

Edible Packaging

Driven by a passion for sustainable practices, the team at Aylesbury Box Company take interest in innovative packaging solutions. This has led us to research on the potential of mushrooms as an insulating packaging material. As fungi grow, they send out a network of underground fibres...

Delivered Through Your Letterbox: Subscription Services

A magazine subscription has long been a popular means of receiving your favourite publication through the door, but in recent years the subscription business has boomed. We now have the option of subscription to wine clubs, pet food packages and food boxes, to name but...

More than Just a Box

Is packaging just a box to protect your goods in transit? We don’t believe so. If you’ve developed a product range that you are proud of, these are a few reasons why we recommend investing in good quality packaging. Consumer Appeal As consumers, our decisions are greatly...

Why Cardboard Appeals

Email correspondence, digital marketing and cloud storage are amongst the reasons that paper production has gradually declined since the rise of the internet. The paper product bucking the trend is corrugated cardboard. The rapidly expanding e-commerce industry has driven the growing demand for robust, yet...

Industrial Strength

Welcome back to a New Year of trading. Across Europe, the financial markets are currently positive. Within the UK, the FTSE 100 index was at a record high when it closed at the end of 2016. Yearly gains of 14.4% were achieved, with credit given to...

Wrap Rage

It’s Christmas morning, the children have been up since the early hours. They're keen to get downstairs and see what’s under the tree. Presents are eagerly unwrapped and the toy they’ve asked Santa for is revealed. What joy! What delight! Just the most complicated packaging...

Low Cost Packaging Solutions

How is it possible to produce unique packaging for your product range when you need to keep costs down? We regularly recommend cost effective ways of achieving packaging objectives. Here are three top tips on creating bespoke packaging on a budget. Printing Single colour flexiprint can be applied to...

The Perfect Fit: Bespoke Packaging

Have you ever been confused when receiving a delivery? You thought you ordered a relatively small product but a large cardboard box is handed over; surely this bulky package can’t be what you are expecting. On opening it, you discover the item you ordered surrounded by...