Aylesbury BOX Company | From Product to Personalised Packaging – Preparing to Sell Online
Ready for a new career path? From product to bespoke packaging, we consider 7 essential considerations for setting up an e-commerce business.
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From Product to Personalised Packaging – Preparing to Sell Online


From Product to Personalised Packaging – Preparing to Sell Online

With waves of redundancies being announced, there is a surge of people seeking new job opportunities. Some have been rethinking their career path. Entrepreneurial sparks have been lit and they can see an opportunity to set up an online business.

Whilst you may have a wonderful product, a clear target market, money in the bank and grand ambitions, there is extensive competition for any online store. From product to bespoke packaging, we consider 7 essential considerations for setting up an e-commerce business.

PRODUCT – What will sell online?

You have made or sourced amazing products that you are certain will be a big seller. You love it, so surely everyone else will. Is this genuinely the case?

Research your competition to see what is already out there and work out how you will be different or better.

Consider your products from a customer’s perspective – why do they need or want it? What else might they be looking for at the same time?

Work out all of the costs associated with selling online (some are detailed below) – is it still a profitable business opportunity?

PLATFORM – How will you sell online?

Will you create an online store or will you sell through a third-party company?

An online store offers you the greatest flexibility and control, but you will need to allocate time and money to keep it fresh and current. Is this feasible?

Third-party sellers will charge a fee for every purchase and you will have to meet their terms and conditions. This might restrict what you sell, but this can be a good way to test the market before you invest in an online store.

PAYMENT GATEWAY – Processing the money

You need to protect the payments that are being made and received. Stick to familiar and trusted payment gateways, even if they are not the cheapest option. The priority should be security and the protection of data.

As an additional note, all online retailers requesting personal information and bank details from customers need an SSL Certificate for their website.

PROMOTION – How will customers know what you offer?

When your products are online, you will need to actively promote them. You cannot be on every social media site, at every event or in every publication- focus on the channels where your target customers can be found.

Any marketing should focus on engagement rather than sales. Be informative, helpful and of value. Be prepared to undertake months of marketing activity before seeing results – this is a highly competitive marketplace.

PACKAGING – Product Packaging and Shipping Cartons

Your product packaging will influence the perception of your goods. Customers want their goods to arrive in pristine condition, so you packaging that offers adequate protection. Customers are also aware of environmental impact, so avoid excessive layers and non-biodegradable plastic.

Bespoke, printed packaging will help your brand to stand out from the competition. With a variety of design, print and finish options, there are packaging solutions for every budget, even start-ups.

Consider delivery charges too – a subtle rethink of your product packaging can lower the cost of sending every order.

You can find more packaging advice for start-up companies in our recently published trilogy of blogs.

PROCESSES – Managing orders efficiently

Managing orders without clear processes in place will soon be the cause of headaches. Create a process work-flow to standardise how you operate. This approach will provide consistency in delivery and will aid business growth.

In addition to receiving orders, packing and dispatch, remember to include returns and how these are handled.

PERSONALISATION – Creating more than just a sale

Customers want to feel valued. What can you do to make them feel part of your community rather than an order number? Consider messages on your packaging, competitions, fun activities, guides and requests for feedback.

When you receive feedback, interaction on social media and other correspondence, be sure to respond quickly and in an appropriate conversational style.

Trusted Packaging Supplier

This is by no means an exhaustive list of considerations for those wishing to set up an online business. We hope it provides a good starting point for your e-commerce ambitions.

When you get to the point of planning packaging design and print, feel free to contact Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk. We design, manufacture and print cardboard packaging for every industry.

From start-up enterprises to established brands, we aim to provide the best packaging solutions.

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