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Continuing our Packaging Advice for Start ups series, we will be explaining the benefits of labels. Could they be the ideal way to differentiate your product range? Think of bottles of wine. The core packaging is the same, what changes is the label.
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Packaging Advice for Start-up Companies 3


Packaging Advice for Start-up Companies 3

Could Labels be a Cost-Effective Packaging Option?

Aylesbury Box Company has supported many subscription box, e-commerce and new companies to develop great packaging on a budget. This is the third blog in our short ‘Packaging Advice for Start-ups’ series.

In the previous articles, we explored printed packaging and postage costs. In this article, we will be explaining the benefits of labels. Could they be the ideal way to differentiate your product range?

Think of bottles of wine. The core packaging is the same, so they can be produced economically. What changes is the label; it distinguishes the vintage, grape or region by the information it provides. The same approach can be used on boxes. Keep the core packaging identical and use labels to create variety.

Boxes for the Chiltern Candle Company

Several years ago, Aylesbury Box Company was approached by the Chiltern Candle Company. This local business had developed a range of fragranced soy wax candles with 100% cotton wicks. The size of the candles was standardised, but they were creating a variety of aromas.

We could have manufactured a low volume run for each of the different scents, but we also suggested another idea. We would create a quality white box to fit the dimensions of the candle. The design would include an embossed circle on the top and front of the box.

In addition, we would produce labels that would fit perfectly into the embossed circles. Different coloured labels would be printed for each scent in the range.

This solution allowed the Chiltern Candle Company to benefit from per-unit savings that can be made from a larger volume run. The embossed element delivers a quality finish and makes it easy to apply the stickers in a uniform position.

Using stickers meant that if one of their initial range proved unpopular, the boxes would not be wasted. If the company decides to add a new fragrance to the range, they simply need to order stickers.

Packaging Labels

Sister & Co, a natural cosmetics company, are another customer that use labels to differentiate their product ranges. We supply them with plain manila boxes in the perfect fit for their pots, pumps and bottles. We colour-matched the labels for each range. When these are applied to the boxes, the end result looks fantastic.

If you opt for a low-cost cardboard delivery box without any printing, you might use labels to add your logo or other branding to the packaging. Clear labels with a coloured logo can be very effective.

Tamper-proof Packaging Labels

For some companies, the label also works as a security measure. It plays a role in holding the packaging together. If the label is torn, removed or unstuck, the customer can see that the product has been tampered with.

Aylesbury Box Company offers a range of label options. If security is a priority, then higher strength adhesive or foil labels may be advised. For ‘resealable’ products or special offers (3 for 2), an easier peel option can be used.

Personalised Packaging Solutions

As packaging manufacturers, Aylesbury Box Company are happy to provide. No matter whether you are still in the process of getting your business off the ground, or you have been established for some time, talk with us. Let us know about your products and tell us what you want your packaging to achieve. We are willing to offer advice and solutions that you may not have considered.

We remain open for business, as cardboard packaging is essential to getting all those deliveries to those who are self isolating. To start the conversation email or call us on 01296 436888.

We hope you have found our ‘Packaging Advice for Start-ups’ articles useful. If there are any points that we haven’t covered, that you and other small businesses may find of value, please let us know.

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