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Is Foam Packaging Sustainable?

Foam inserts have been widely used as an effective means of protecting goods in transit. This is because the dense cell structure makes it easy to cut bespoke shapes that hold items securely in place. Having said this, many of our customers are asking for...


Can We Make Packaging Waste Disappear?

Single-use packaging waste is polluting the planet and impacting the health of flora and fauna that depends on nature, including us. Imagine the benefits to our rivers, oceans and countryside if we could make it disappear! One company is developing true solutions that do just...


How is Cardboard Packaging Manufactured?

Corrugated cardboard boxes are widely used for shipping goods, but how are they manufactured and why are they a popular packaging material? How are Cardboard Boxes Made? Renewable materials Corrugated cardboard is made from a high percentage (over 70%) of recycled cardboard fibres, combined with raw paper pulp...


Packaging Pollution: Brands Exposed

A place on a Top Companies list usually means positive publicity, but the Dirty Dozen is different. It focuses on packaging pollution and names the brands exposed as being responsible for the highest volume of branded litter in the UK. Surfers Against Sewage highlight the...


This Box Holds the Key to Achieving Fitness Goals

We know there is no magic wand to get us in shape. It takes a balanced diet and regular exercise to keep our body healthy, strong and toned. However, when we do commit to getting and staying fit, we want to notice the difference. If you...


Why use Corrugated Cardboard Packaging?

Your products can be packaged in a variety of materials, so why is corrugated cardboard the most widely used packaging material? The quick answer is that corrugated cardboard: Is a practical packaging solution Can be formed into customised boxes Can be transformed by a variety of...


The Circular Economy Involves More than Recycling

We applaud the achievements of the recycling award winners that were announced in our previous blog on paper recycling. Having celebrated their success, it is important to remember that recycling is simply one element of the circular economy. Designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers need to be...


Who is Responsible for Recycling Packaging?

We all know that radical changes are needed in order to improve the environmental conditions of our planet. The trouble is identifying who should take responsibility for action. As a business owner, you may see it as your responsibility to switch from plastic to cardboard packaging....


On the Hunt for Eco Packaging

Both UK and EU politicians have set the wheels in motion to tackle single-use plastic waste. As an initial step, it looks likely that plastic plates, cutlery, straws and cotton buds will be banned within a few years. In addition, there will be incentives to...

Cardboard Design Winners

Cardboard is a widely available and highly adaptable packaging material. It can be cut, shaped and printed without the need for complex tools or specialist skills. As such, it is ideal for the development of new packaging designs. Every year the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI)...