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Are you in the process of developing or launching a new product? When it comes to packaging design, our knowledge can provide you with bespoke boxes at competitive prices.
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This Box Holds the Key to Achieving Fitness Goals


This Box Holds the Key to Achieving Fitness Goals

We know there is no magic wand to get us in shape. It takes a balanced diet and regular exercise to keep our body healthy, strong and toned. However, when we do commit to getting and staying fit, we want to notice the difference.

If you are focused on fitness, we’d like to share an innovative new product, Burli Bia. This device is soon to be launched by one of our packaging customers. Inside their boxes is the key to boosting the results of regular, high-intensity workouts.

What’s in the Box?

Burli Bia is a device that uses a micro-electrical current that is scientifically proven to help the body focus more energy on muscle growth and repair. When you notice that your determined effort is paying off, it provides the motivation to stick to your guns. Burli Bia also promotes recovery. Fewer aches and pains are a crucial element in maintaining training schedules and performance.

How does it Work?

Innovator, Steve Young, was inspired by microcurrent technology and its uses in animal care and medical studies. In these fields, it was consistently shown to promote accelerated healing. With an interest in physical training, he thought it could be used in competitive sports.

“After extensive research, I designed a small, wearable electronic device which promotes muscle growth and repair. It turned out to be great for recovery and performance too. I built it for people who have ambitious fitness goals and train for competitive sports. However, it will benefit anyone who wants to get the most out of their workouts and avoid feeling sore after training hard.”

– Steve Young, Burli Sports Tech

The small device is held in an arm or wrist band, with a connection to two pads, which stick onto the skin after your work out. Once activated, a 3-hour cycle commences as you continue with your day.

Starter Kit Boxes

Steve needed boxes to package the Burli Bia starter kits. The printed packaging needed to be strong and durable, so customers could keep their device inside when they’re not using it. It was also important that the packaging material was environmentally friendly; the brief was for a 100% recyclable and biodegradable solution.

Printed Packaging Solution

When Steve approached Aylesbury Box Company for a quote, he requested a three-colour print on a white box. The obvious solution was lithographic print, but much like Burlis Sports Tech, we like to optimise results.

Account Manager Helen had an idea. She worked with the manufacturing team to trial a combination of full and half-toned grey print. It allowed the three-colour design to be achieved with two inks. This meant that the print design could be achieved with a flexographic process. Helen’s printed packaging solution offered a desirable high-quality print finish at a highly competitive price.

The packaging design includes a built-in internal section where the electronic device is placed. This detail enhances product protection and greatly improves the presentation.

“Aylesbury Box Company were great. They went out of their way to provide what I wanted from only two print colours, despite our original design having three colours. Having never ordered packaging like this before, it was made very straightforward for me. Helen, our account manager guided me through the whole process, educating me in the world of print. I was really impressed with the boxes when they arrived. The printing was great and exactly what we wanted. They have the quality and simplicity we were looking for.

 – Steve Young, Burli Sports Tech

Are you in the process of developing or launching a new product? When it comes to packaging design, our knowledge can provide you with bespoke boxes at competitive prices. Get in touch on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

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