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Why use Corrugated Cardboard Packaging?


Why use Corrugated Cardboard Packaging?

Your products can be packaged in a variety of materials, so why is corrugated cardboard the most widely used packaging material?

The quick answer is that corrugated cardboard:

  • Is a practical packaging solution
  • Can be formed into customised boxes
  • Can be transformed by a variety of print and finishes
  • Is a sustainable packaging material
  • Is low cost

The Practicalities of Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is constructed with a simple, yet effective layering of kraft papers. Sealed between two flat sheets of paper is a fluted sheet. This central section adds rigidity to the cardboard, making it far stronger than three flat sheets. For weighty or fragile goods, the durability can be increased by the addition of a second layer of fluting, known as double-walled corrugated cardboard.

Single or double-walled, the strength to weight ratio is high, so corrugated cardboard boxes can carry substantial weights and stack on top of each other. This is a practical requirement for shipping and storage, whilst the lightweight design helps to keep shipping costs low.

The corrugated centre also traps air between the layers. This provides a layer of cushioning and insulation. Both factors help to protect the goods inside.

Get Creative with Cardboard

The practicalities are one thing, but good packaging design does more than get goods from A to B in one piece. It should also enhance the presentation of the product and attract interest.

As a paper-based packaging material, corrugated cardboard can be cut, folded and shaped into a wide variety of designs. You can have customised boxes to specifically fit your product range and fun gift packaging to boost seasonal sales.

Die-cut sections can provide carry handles or offer a tempting glimpse at the goods inside. Additional folds can be used to form internal divisions that enhance the presentation and perception of the goods. Perforations in the cardboard can make it easier to open boxes, can transform your shipping box into shelf-ready displays or can offer a fun template to inspire creative upcycling.

Printed Cardboard Packaging

Paper-based packaging is easy to print. Printed shipping boxes add to the excitement of a parcel arriving at the doorstep, as well as helping to build brand awareness. Single-colour Flexoprint is very low cost but can be used to great effect.

Printed delivery boxes can also provide useful handling information, assembly instructions or messages that encourage engagement with social media sites. There are many possibilities, but it is important to not let a fantastic marketing opportunity pass – print your boxes!

Then there is printed retail packaging. From simple, subtle designs to something vibrant and wild, there is a variety of print and finish options. This means that you can transform the humble, brown box into bespoke packaging that will attract your target consumer.

Sustainable Cardboard Packaging

One crucial factor that boosts the appeal of corrugated cardboard is that it is sustainable packaging. This material is typically made from 87% recycled fibres, but for some products, it can be 100% recycled.

Clever design can encourage packaging reuse or create upcycling, but when it is no longer needed, cardboard can be recycled in household and business waste collections. The discarded cardboard boxes go through a high-temperature process, which kills any bacteria. The fibres can then be reformed into new corrugated cardboard sheets. These are cut and folded to make new boxes!

Using sustainable cardboard inserts, shredded cardboard or tissue paper, rather than bubble wrap or plastic air pockets also helps to reduce the environmental impact.

Low-cost Packaging

Any packaging solution has to be commercially viable. Despite being strong, protective, environmentally sound and customisable, corrugated cardboard costs less to produce than many other packaging materials.

Cardboard Packaging Manufacturer

If you have any questions about the suitability of cardboard packaging for your products get in touch. The Aylesbury Box Company team have over 30-years of experience. Contact us on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

What do you need? We supply large industrial cartons, customised retail packaging and printed e-commerce postal boxes to meet your requirements. We offer a range of print and finish options and are happy to supply samples.

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