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The Future of Packaging

The future of packaging looks set to be a balancing act. Brands want sustainable alternatives to plastic and ways to engage with buyers. However, they also need solutions that are functional and cost-effective. So, as a packaging manufacturer, how do we tick all the boxes? A...


The Importance of Supply Chain Sustainability

The availability and cost of imports mean millions of goods are shipped around the globe every day. This generates considerable carbon emissions, an issue which needs to be addressed. In addition, it distances retailers from suppliers, which can mean a lack of awareness about unethical...


Preparing for Black Friday

We’re just a few weeks away from Black Friday, a day where customers are on the hunt for a great deal. This provides a great opportunity for small e-commerce businesses to reward loyal customers or attract new buyers. So what are our tips on preparing...


What Defines Good Packaging Design?

We are halfway through the year, so now is a great opportunity to look at what defines good packaging design in 2023. In our experience, there are several priorities for both customers and end consumers. The Role of Packaging Packaging has several key roles to perform and...


E-commerce Packaging: Where to Start

Your product range is sorted and now you need e-commerce packaging. So, how do you know what you need when this isn’t your area of expertise? For many online retailers, the easy option is to order off-the-shelf postal boxes, but this is unlikely to be...


Are Custom Boxes Worth It?

With soaring prices, every business is looking for ways to keep prices down and remain competitive. When it comes to packaging, buying off the shelf options is cheaper than custom boxes, but which offers the best value? Off-the-Shelf V Bespoke Boxes "I need to keep fulfilment and...


Festive Packaging Design Inspiration

The countdown to Christmas provides an ideal opportunity for brands to raise their profile and entice new customers with festive packaging designs. This can encompass a simple twist to the usual font or colour or a completely fresh packaging concept. Either way, a seasonal design...


Boxes of Sweet Treats

Your sweet tooth kicks in. You hunt through the cupboards in the hope of uncovering a hidden snack, no joy. You weigh up whether it is worth driving to the shops. If only a box of treats could be delivered to your door… This scenario inspired...


Printed Packaging – A Splash of Colour

Colour transforms a non-descript box into a beautiful branded item of packaging, but what do you need to know about printed packaging? Colour Association and Packaging Design We have an innate emotional response to colour; it influences our mood and our reaction to certain brands and products....


Delivering Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This simple concept has had a significant impact on the packaging industry over the last decade. As specialists in the design, manufacture and print of cardboard packaging, Aylesbury Box Company is passionate about supporting our customers to achieve their sustainable packaging goals. Rather...