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The countdown to Christmas provides an ideal opportunity for brands to raise their profile and entice new customers with festive packaging designs.
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Festive Packaging Design Inspiration


Festive Packaging Design Inspiration

The countdown to Christmas provides an ideal opportunity for brands to raise their profile and entice new customers with festive packaging designs. This can encompass a simple twist to the usual font or colour or a completely fresh packaging concept. Either way, a seasonal design can be the winning formula for boosting sales.

Indulgence is the word for this time of year and packaging design is no exception. This doesn’t mean excessive packaging, which is wasteful, nor glitter, as this means the packaging cannot be recycled. So how do you add the wow factor in the age of sustainability?

Start the Festive Packaging Research

As a new retailer, now is a fantastic opportunity to research festive packaging design. Visit boutique shops, supermarkets and online stores to inspire ideas for 2022. Are you taken by subtle and sophisticated styles or are bold, bright designs more in line with your brand?

Consider how gift packaging, including advert calendars, can transform everyday products into the ideal present. See how goods are packaged specifically to fit the requirements for recipients; the tea/beer/cocktail lover, the aspiring chef/home baker or enthusiastic gardener. This presentation makes it easy for shoppers to find something to buy and give.

To make it even more convenient, some packaging is so beautiful, stylish or amusing that it doesn’t require another layer of wrapping paper.

Ideally, you will have your 2022 festive designs prepared by July. This is the time when packaging manufacturers start to receive requests for quotes and lead times for Christmas packaging. This may seem early, however, stock needs to be ready to go on sale from September/October.

5 Festive Packaging Ideas

Colour Printed Packaging

There is a range of finishes for printed packaging; some are more suitable for retail packaging and others for e-commerce shipping. All help to promote and differentiate your brand.

You can keep it simple and cost-effective with mono or dual-colour print. White print on manila cardboard creates a subtle contrast which produces great effects for snowflake prints, snow-covered lettering or other frosty designs. Black or deep-blue print looks classy and can be used to create beautiful silhouettes or stylised fonts.

Green and red are traditionally associated with Christmas and it could be as simple as flood printing your packaging inserts with either of these colours.

Metallic Printed Packaging

Metallics are ideal for adding a luxurious finish to gift packaging. That extra shimmer can be added using metallic inks, foil blocking or for a lower-cost option, stickers. Metallic tones aren’t limited to gold silver and bronze; in this article on metallic printing, we share the full range of options, along with advice on how to use metallics in packaging design.

Die-Cut Shapes

Your standard packaging might include a die-cut section, giving the shopper a peek at the contents. There are simple ways to make this more festive. How about adding a bauble design to the outside of a circular cut section? Alternatively, the die could cut a star, tree or stocking shape instead of the usual circle or square.

Gift Boxes & Advent Calendars

Specific Christmas packaging takes a little more planning. It’s best to start by working out what they will contain. This will inform the internal dimensions of the packaging and the level of protection required to prevent damage and ensure delightful presentation.

Let your packaging design company know what the gift boxes will hold. With knowledge of product, we can advise on effective solutions for your bespoke boxes. The print design details can be worked on when a suitable shape and layout has been achieved.

Don’t Forget the Packaging Inserts

For e-commerce packaging, you might choose to keep your standard boxes, but add a little twist to the inserts. How about printed tissue paper, a personalised Christmas card or a raffle ticket for your festive prize draw? You might invite participation in a seasonal photo competition or provide a discount voucher for the first purchase made in January. The trick is to spread the festive joy!

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