Terms and Conditions for Customers | Aylesbury Box Company
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Terms and Conditions for Customers

Aylesbury Box Terms and Conditions of Sales

We have manufactured and supplied boxes since 1987 and continue to actively look at ways to improve our customer service, technology and environmental credentials to ensure we are doing everything we can to provide you with exactly what you need.

We are proud to have built and retained strong two-way relationships with our customers by being open about what we offer and what we expect. This documents outlines our terms and conditions of sale, so you fully understand the way in which we operate. We have deliberately kept this document as simple and as clear as possible – another reflection of how we conduct business.

The quantities shown on our quotations are subject to a manufacturing tolerance of +/- 10%. We are committed to minimising waste, but will not compromise on quality. We therefore source more material than we need to fulfil your order, so that any raw materials not meeting our quality management system can be scraped and you can still receive the correct number of boxes. As an example, for an order of 500 boxes we will buy enough corrugated cardboard to manufacture 550 boxes.

If you need exact quantities, have a minimum quantity requirement, or need to limit the number of overs you receive, please specify this from the start of our relationship. We can accommodate your requirement and the unit price of your boxes will normally be marginally increased. Finally, the delivered quantity will always match the invoiced quantity.

Quotations are for information only, and they do not represent a binding contract between us until you have submitted an order. We will notify you of our receipt of your order by way of an acknowledgement. At this point, please check that the acknowledgement matches your order. This is an important document that will enable us to identify misunderstandings promptly.

We can supply a drawing or a sample prior to an order being placed. We do our best to offer free samples but we sometimes have to apply a small charge for samples that require significant design work, are made from uncommon materials or require printing. This sampling process will ensure that you receive the packaging you need. It is your responsibility to approve a sample or drawing so we know the packaging we make will be suitable for your requirements.

Customers have often complimented us on our ability to turn orders around in super-fast time and we will always do whatever we can to meet the lead-time you need. Having said this, the date we specify on our acknowledgement is our target date and this may, very occasionally, change. We will, of course, inform you promptly if we need to make a change. If your order is time-critical please let us know so we can do everything we can to ensure we meet your expectations and equally we will be honest if we feel your lead time is too tight. Aylesbury Box Company will accept no liability for delays in delivery, or any consequential losses which arise from a delay.

No warranty is given as to the suitability of our packaging for the purpose for which you order it, and we do not accept liability for any damages, however incurred, to any contents that you place into our packaging. To minimise the risks, please tell us about your products and what your packaging will be used for. Please ask for a sample and test it. We can offer lots of advice, but the final decision on suitability is yours.

The legal and beneficial title to goods we deliver shall not pass to the buyer until all monies owed to Aylesbury Box Company Limited have been paid. This is so that in the very unlikely event of a customer going into administration, and invoices have not been paid, we can secure the packaging from the Administrators to resell or recycle it.

Payment of credit accounts is required on 30 days from end of month of invoice. Prompt payment is important to us and is a requirement that simply shows that both of us have a part to play in our customer-supplier relationship. Thank you in advance for your prompt payment.