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Remains of ancient street food vendors have been discovered, but cardboard food containers will avoid your takeaway boxes being discovered by archaeologists in centuries to come.
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Tuck into Takeaway Boxes


Tuck into Takeaway Boxes

In December 2020, the remains of a Roman street food vendor was fully uncovered in Pompeii. Known as a thermopolium, this decorated food stall included holes where large pots of food would have been held. The discovery included a bronze ladle, food containers (known as amphorae) and the fragments of duck, goat, fish and snail.

A few impressive archaeological finds are insightful, however, we want to avoid leaving behind traces of the UK’s expanding takeaway industry. A shift away from plastic and polystyrene food containers towards biodegradable cardboard takeaway boxes is our preferred legacy.

Bio-degradable Takeaway Boxes

From fish and chip shops to curry houses, many food suppliers have been switching to cardboard food containers over recent years.

The main benefit of cardboard boxes is reducing the environmental impact. Sustainably sourced and recycled fibres are used in the manufacture of cardboard. Then, although boxes that contain food residue cannot be recycled, they will disintegrate over time. It is a very different story with plastic containers.

Cardboard takeaway boxes bring other advantages. For one, they are typically supplied flat-packed. This reduces the storage space needed for containers and, with the right packaging design, assembly is swift. In addition, cardboard is easy to print, offering the option of adding branding, product information or serving suggestions.

As a cardboard packaging manufacturer, Aylesbury Box Company can produce takeaway boxes in the right dimensions for your food. We have also designed and supplied larger cardboard hamper boxes for delicatessens and farm shops. What do you need to deliver food to your customers?

Is There a Need for Biodegradable Food Packaging?

Do you think that a switch from plastic to cardboard takeaway boxes isn’t going to make much of a difference? Let us explain why this simple switch could significantly reduce the environmental impact of our taste for convenience food.

The takeaway industry has been rapidly expanding over the past decade, but this has been blown out of the water in 2020.

The closure of restaurants, pubs and cafes during the pandemic lockdowns meant that switching to a takeaway service was the only way to keep trading. Around 11,000 UK restaurants joined Deliveroo alone from March to December.

The UK public responded, with Just Eat reporting 123.2-million orders being taken between January and September, many being for multi-dish group orders. If one company is delivering millions of containers a year, in one country, you start to see the scale of this industry.

The Scale of the Takeaway Packaging Problem

We are not the only country to increase demand for takeaway meals during the pandemic. The greatest increase in demand has been seen in Australia.

In summary, across the world, millions of food containers are being used every week. If these can be made from biodegradable cardboard, instead of plastic or polystyrene, it will have less of a long-term impact on the environment.

Make the Switch to Cardboard Containers

In 2020, the decision to offer takeaway meals was often made in haste. Your business may have opted for the first food container option without giving it much consideration. The priority was to continue trading.

If food is currently being served in plastic or polystyrene, Aylesbury Box company would like to encourage you to make the switch to sustainable packaging. Cardboard food containers will avoid your takeaway boxes being discovered by archaeologists in centuries to come.

Our friendly team are happy to answer your questions and provide suitable solutions for your food. We will provide a quote and samples, so you can trial the new design. Contact Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk with the dimensions and quantity you need.

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