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The standard cardboard box may not provide sufficient protection for delicate and fragile or heavy and bulky items. What shipping carton options can prevent damage in transit?
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The Highest Levels of Protection

triple-walled corrugated cardboard

The Highest Levels of Protection

Face masks, hand sanitiser and social bubbles might help to protect our employees and customers, but what does it take to protect your goods in transit?

In the majority of cases, corrugated cardboard boxes are the ideal packaging solution. The simple layered design of shipping cartons provides a strong, resilient and practical means of transporting goods. To add to their appeal, corrugated cardboard boxes are sustainable, low-cost and light-weight. They are simple to print and can be recycled at the end of use.

There are, however, some products which demand a little more protection. Delicate items and fragile components come into this category. Whilst it might be tempting to wrap them in layers of bubble wrap, this isn’t time-efficient and it impacts on your environmental credentials.

Bespoke Packaging with Cardboard Inserts

Designing bespoke packaging to fit, with inserts that hold a delicate item in place can be highly effective. The inserts add to the rigidity of the box and the packaging minimises the risks and costs associated with damaged goods. Furthermore, inserts enhance the presentation of goods, which adds to the perception of their value.

Cardboard inserts are also effective if you are packaging several parts or products into one box. They prevent individual items from squashing or scratching each other. This simple measure prevents aromas from mixing and can even minimise the risk of contact (which could cause components to become toxic or flammable).

Separating elements, especially if the inserts are printed with information, can also help the recipient with the assembly of items. Our team advise on print and finishes, so you can achieve high-quality branded boxes at an affordable price.

Aylesbury Box company designs packaging that is the perfect fit for your products. We optimise protection, without the use of excessive packaging materials. If you would like to find out more or get a quote, please contact us on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

Triple-walled Cartons: The Heavyweight Champions

At the other end of the spectrum, the standard cardboard box may not provide sufficient protection for heavy and bulky items. Even with the addition of cardboard inserts, is not going to cut it when it comes to industrial machinery, automotive parts and construction materials.

In this instance, the additional strength and resilience that is needed can be achieved with triple-walled cardboard packaging. This packaging solution reliably passes compression and drop tests. From bricks and motorbike wheels to industrial computers and factory lighting, our team have produced triple-walled shipping cartons to protect goods through the rigours of storage, transportation and delivery.

Again, Aylesbury Box Company can design, manufacture and print triple-walled packaging to deliver the ideal match for your products and brand. If your products have an unusual shape or are regularly damaged in transit, speak to our team about bespoke triple-walled cartons.

Packaging for Protective Equipment

We can also provide standard or bespoke packaging if your business supplies protective equipment. Whether to control the spread of infection or to mitigate risk in hazardous work environments, our shipping boxes can help you to get the right goods to the right people at the right time. The boxes can then be flattened, recycled and used to produce the next run of cardboard packaging.

For sustainable, robust product packaging and shipping boxes call Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888.

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