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In keeping with luxury ranges, this packaging solution is designed to add intrigue and delight to the shopping experience.
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The Craft of Luxury Packaging


The Craft of Luxury Packaging

If you are aiming for the luxury market, it’s not just your products that have to shine. Every detail needs to exude quality.

Many brands focus on creating the next trend, or exploit a growing trend. The luxury market is different. With an emphasis on lasting, luxury products are beyond trends. Instead, the aim is to create an enduring, classic style that will be desired for years to come.

High end consumers are willing to pay for quality, but they are demanding. You can’t simply target the luxury market and expect to succeed. You need to earn your reputation. Most luxury goods are the result of traditional production. They use skilled techniques, passed down through the generations, with a modern twist that brings appeal to current consumers.

Luxury Product Packaging

With luxury goods, the product packaging has to be desirable. We’re talking branded boxes and bags that people want to display in public and keep when the goods are unwrapped.  When Aylesbury Box Company is approached for luxury packaging ideas, our craft boxes prove a popular solution.

Craft Boxes

Craft boxes are created in card and laminated with a paper finish. This produces a rigid packaging solution that can be manufactured in the exact dimensions to suit the goods inside.

Provided with a separate lid, which is designed to slot neatly into place, the craft box is beautifully made. With an extensive range of colours, finishes, print and embossing options, this style of packaging can be tailored to suit the individual style of the brand.

In keeping with luxury ranges, this packaging solution is designed to add intrigue and delight to the shopping experience. It is also made to last, providing a desirable storage solution for when the product isn’t in use. As such they are designed for presentation and protection.

If you are looking for custom made craft boxes, or other retail packaging for your product range, Aylesbury Box Company are happy to discuss your ideas and make informed recommendations.

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