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The Yumshi team know their stuff when it comes to Chinese food, but they were new to packaging design. We talked through their requirements; dimensions, functionality and print before recommending suitable packaging solutions.
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Takeaway Reinvented


Takeaway Reinvented

When an established, local takeaway business was reinvented for modern tastes, a fresh image accompanied the fresh ingredients. With sustainability on the agenda, recyclable packaging was a must. Aylesbury Box Company was delighted to work with Yumshi to provide bespoke, printed delivery boxes.

The Inspiration Behind Yumshi

Ken’s Beijing is a small, popular Chinese restaurant and takeaway, located close to Amersham Station since 1997. As a family business, owner Ken is committed to service excellence. Many customer reviews mention the warm welcome and friendly staff, along with the tasty food.

Ken’s sons were inspired to not simply take on the established family business; they wanted to reinvent it. By considering current lifestyles and expectations, they saw a way to take their father’s core values of customer service excellence and authentic Chinese food in a new direction.

Yumshi was born, with a vision to make British Chinese food healthier, tastier and more convenient. They are committed to using quality ingredients, such as free-range eggs and 100% chicken breast and only natural colours or flavours.

Fresh Flavours Delivered to your Door

Yumshi meals are freshly wok-cooked by expert chefs for the authentic wok-hei flavour. They are then chilled and delivered to the doorstep ready for the week ahead. They store for up to a week in the fridge and a month in the freezer, so wait until the craving for chow mein or sweet and sour hits. Then, it takes just 15 minutes in the oven or 3 minutes in the microwave to reheat your favourite meal.

The traditional Chinese takeaway doesn’t often have a lot of choice for non-meat eaters. This is something Yumshi is addressing. They are committed to widening the appeal by including vegan and vegetarian dishes on the menu; a range that they plan to expand. For variety, they are also exploring other east Asian cuisines which will complement the current range.

Sustainable Printed Packaging

The Yumshi business model is built around sustainability. They wanted to source 100% recyclable packaging alongside quality ingredients. Food safety and longevity requirements meant that some containers are made from plastic, but this is recyclable and limited.

The company were looking for branded shipping boxes for transporting the food, along with icepacks and insulation. Robust corrugated cardboard boxes fulfilled the need for recyclable packaging that could be stacked and transported by couriers. Print design on the packaging would also help set the brand apart.

Global or Local Packaging Company?

Assuming that printed shipping boxes would be cheaper if manufactured abroad, their search for packaging companies started outside the UK. When the cost of shipping boxes to the UK was factored in, especially after Brexit, the costs were extortionately high. This focused attention on UK packaging companies and requested quotes.

 “ABC had a decent number of positive reviews, the products on the website looked great and importantly it was local. Supporting a local business as well as reducing our carbon footprint by having to only deliver a few miles was a real positive for us and our values. ABC sales and customer service teams really stood out from the competition. Martin and Helen were super friendly from the first email response and very helpful.”

– Jonny Leung, Yumshi

Jonny and his brothers know their stuff when it comes to Chinese food, but they were new to packaging design. We talked through their requirements; dimensions, functionality and design before recommending suitable packaging solutions. We also manufactured a sample box and delivered it to their door, so they could put it to the test. What’s more, our competitive pricing was within their budget.

 “If you ask anybody about me, they will tell you how much of a perfectionist I am with high attention to detail. When we were taken into the warehouse and shown our pallet of boxes, I admit I was very impressed by the print, manufacturing and material quality. The colours came out better than I expected, and the design was just how I imagined it to be. At that moment, I realised how proud I was of what the Yumshi team had achieved. Seeing the boxes for the first time was a massive confidence boost to the business’s future.”

– Jonny Leung, Yumshi

 The Aylesbury Box Company team love to hear the stories behind new enterprises. It is great to play a part in transforming business visions into reality.  We look forwards to fulfilling future packaging orders for Yumshi, as the business goes from strength to strength.

If your team have no prior experience with printed packaging, speak to us. We listen, advise and provide competitive quotes and box samples. To find out more, get in touch on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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