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Can a Change in Packaging Make a Difference?

When environmental initiatives are introduced, it can be difficult to convince people to embrace the change. When you consider the scale of the problem, you might be left wondering ‘What difference is this going to make?’ There was certainly resistance to the idea when a 5p...

Edible Packaging

Driven by a passion for sustainable practices, the team at Aylesbury Box Company take interest in innovative packaging solutions. This has led us to research on the potential of mushrooms as an insulating packaging material. As fungi grow, they send out a network of underground fibres...

More than Just a Box

Is packaging just a box to protect your goods in transit? We don’t believe so. If you’ve developed a product range that you are proud of, these are a few reasons why we recommend investing in good quality packaging. Consumer Appeal As consumers, our decisions are greatly...

Packaging for Shelf Appeal

Every time we go shopping we’re presented with a range of options. We typically opt for familiar brands, but can be swayed by such factors as price, promotions and packaging. In the past, the packaging that ‘shouts loudest’ may have won favour. Bold, colourful designs, emblazoned...

I WILL Do More Exercise

Online-based fitness supplement subscription retailer Muscle Crate came to us for help bulking up their packaging after launching their new website in 2015. We helped give their boxes some clout not only when opened, but also when closed, by printing on both sides. Our ink supplier...

Out With the Old, In With the New

New year, new you. And where better to start than your packaging? One of our customers did just that. Butternut Box deliver boxes of fresh, cooked-to-order dog food throughout the UK, and having recently rebranded and relaunched with a shiny new identity, they wanted to give...

Shopping Frenzy

Across the Atlantic, Black Friday has long been considered the official start to Christmas shopping. Held on the day after Thanksgiving, many schools and employees enjoy a four day weekend in which to celebrate, feast and shop. For many American retailers, Black Friday offers the opportunity...

Packaging and Shipping Challenge

You’ve invested in an online business and are busy building your brand reputation, creating desirable items and celebrating a good order coming in. You can’t imagine your customers feeling anything but delight. They’re going to be writing rave reviews, recommending you to their friends and...