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Common Footprint Quality (CFQ) Standard

When it comes to fresh produce, retailers and consumers want fresh goods as soon as possible after they are picked. We want to select flowers, fruits and vegetables that are crisp and bright with a reasonable shelf life. In order to get good from field to...

Business Advice: Trademarks

In the cardboard packaging business, we meet many customers who are looking for the ideal way to present, store and transport their product ranges. Some of the customers are from established companies, whilst others are just starting up their own business. If you have developed a...

Glass Bottles to Cardboard Boxes

It started with the milkman delivering a selection of essentials to your door at the crack of dawn; electric floats delivering recyclable glass milk bottles ready for your morning breakfast. It might be a memory from the past, but food delivery has been making a...

Bespoke Box Manufacturer

The best packaging is created specifically for the product that will be stored, transported and presented in it. As cardboard box manufacturers, we understand that a good fit is the best way to protect the goods inside and ensure that they reach the customer in...

A Lightbulb Moment in Cardboard Packaging

The best ideas are often the simplest ones and the R16 lamp is an excellent example. Created by Waarmakers, a Dutch firm that focuses on ‘translating design ideas, brand strategies and concepts into circular and future proof designs’ the design is sure to have many...

Food Packaging: Friend or Foe?

Packaging plays an important role in the safe transport of goods, brand promotion and the storage of goods. It is often an essential part of the production line to consumption process. Packaging keeps related goods together, ensures quality control and provides the consumer with valuable...

All Wrapped Up in Cardboard Containers

Do you enjoy yours with salt and vinegar, ketchup or mushy peas? Fish and chips are a long standing British favourite. Originally cod and chips were a very affordable meal and a staple of the working classes. These days a shortage of cod has seen prices...