Aylesbury BOX Company | Sustained Demand for Postal Boxes
As a cardboard packaging supplier, Aylesbury Box Company has seen growing demand for e-commerce packaging over the last year. Have you spotted our van drivers on the road - delivering all of those postal boxes?
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Sustained Demand for Postal Boxes


Sustained Demand for Postal Boxes

As physical stores and town centre cafes reopened, a surge of shoppers returned to the High Street. Seeking out the sensory experiences and personal interaction that is missing online. After a year of e-commerce domination, can we expect fewer cardboard boxes arriving at our front doors?

According to analysis by Wunderkind, who monitored High Street and Online traffic in the first week of shops reopening, there is no drop in e-commerce orders. Despite considerable footfall in-store, digital sales increased. Whilst this was just one week of data, it indicates that the lockdown has caused a rapid shift in consumer buying habits.

This fact is supported by the fact that major High Street retailers are investing heavily in digital. As an example, M&S has announced a recruitment programme for 85 tech specialists. This digital team will be developing and implementing a long-term e-commerce strategy that meets current and future changes in consumer behaviour.

Ecommerce Packaging Supplies

This continued drive towards e-commerce does not surprise us. As a cardboard packaging supplier, Aylesbury Box Company has seen growing demand for e-commerce packaging over the last year. We are proud of every member of our team for pulling out all of the stops to fulfil customer orders. Have you spotted our van drivers on the road; delivering all of those postal boxes?

Among our customers are long-standing online retailers, who scaled up to meet the growing demand for home entertainment, outdoor gym equipment and bicycle parts. We saw how many local retailers were quick to respond to adversity; offering delivery services to customers.

Food & Drink Industry Moves Online

The food and beverage industry has experienced one of the most dramatic changes in how they serve customers. Many farm shops, like Kings Farm, along with village stores, pubs and restaurant shifted online. With no option to eat out and many vulnerable people unwilling to go shopping, deliveries offered the solution.

Meal kit companies, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage companies and take away companies that were already set up for online orders have seen a dramatic rise in demand. We’ve been supporting drinks companies scale up deliveries.

Entrepreneurial Start-ups Seeking Packaging Advice

Facing long-term furlough or redundancy, many of those who get in touch are start-up businesses. They are after packaging advice, low volume orders and cost-effective printed postal boxes for subscription services or specialist items.

If you need bespoke packaging solutions, advice on cost-effective print options or a large order of shipping boxes, Aylesbury Box Company can assist. Get in touch on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk and let us know your requirements. We are happy to advise on packaging design, lead times and provide a quote.

Why Recycling Support Cardboard Packaging Supplies

A sudden, industry-wide increase in demand has impacted supplies and costs. We’ve had to extend lead times and increase prices, but we’ve put measures in place to remain competitively priced and efficient. Maintaining good communication with customers has been essential for maintaining positive working relationships and meeting expectations.

One important way to ensure there is an adequate supply of postal boxes for all the e-commerce deliveries is to keep recycling those boxes. Corrugated cardboard can be collected and processed many times over. The same fibres can be formed into new cardboard sheets, ready to be manufactured into e-commerce packaging.

According to the National Packaging Waste Database, the volume of paperboard collected for recycling in Q1:2021 was up 10% on last year. As one of the most widely collected and recycled materials, this is good news. However, when the increase in production of cardboard packaging is taken into account, it isn’t as high as it should be.

Consumers and retailers, help us to help you get the packaging and products you need, by reusing and recycling all of those cardboard boxes!

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