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The festive celebrations can be a time of excess, but with a little thought, it is possible to make sustainable choices and that doesn’t mean compromising on the fun.
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How to have a More Sustainable Christmas


How to have a More Sustainable Christmas

The festive celebrations can be a time of excess. It’s easy to get carried away and splash out on far more than you need. With a little thought, it is possible to make sustainable choices and that doesn’t mean compromising on the fun.

Reducing Packaging Waste

As a cardboard box manufacturer, Aylesbury Box Company knows that demand for e-commerce packaging for online retailers sees a considerable upturn in the final quarter of the year. A growing number of shoppers opt for online purchasing and cardboard boxes are the most widely used method of packaging.

Whilst corrugated cardboard boxes are sustainable, there are two steps that you can make in order to reduce packaging waste:

  • If Amazon is your default online shop, please email their customer service team: cs-reply@amazon.com from the email address that you use to login. Ask for all future orders to be fulfilled without the use of bubble wrap, air pockets or other plastic fillers.
  • Keep the cardboard boxes separate from other waste. Flatten them and put them out for collection on the next recycling bin day.

If you are an online retailer, then don’t wait for your customers to request plastic-free packaging. There are plenty of low-cost, sustainable alternative fillers, including cardboard inserts. If you would like to find out more, speak to us at Aylesbury Box Company!

Also be aware that shiny wrapping paper isn’t recyclable. By using coloured or printed brown paper, you can still give beautiful gifts, whilst reducing the environmental impact.

Buy Fairtrade

From Christmas crackers to chocolate, Fairtrade options are available for many popular festive delights. By actively selecting Fairtrade gifts, you are being ethical. Your decision can help communities to earn a just living in safer and fairer conditions. This is a crucial step for a sustainable world. It can reduce the risk of natural resources being decimated, as people do whatever they can to feed, clothe and school their family.

Minimising Food Waste

Let’s be honest, a hearty Christmas Dinner is an important aspect of the season, but there is only so much food that any one person can eat. Food waste is a big problem at this time of year, which simply isn’t acceptable or sustainable. If you are responsible for the catering, remember:

  • To take a little time to plan your shopping and stick to the list, those extras are tempting, but not necessary
  • Most of the supermarkets are only shut for a day or two, so there is no need to stockpile
  • There are plenty of great recipe ideas for any leftovers and many items can be frozen, so don’t simply throw away what’s uneaten. You might be very grateful for a turkey sandwich in a few weeks!

A Good Home for Unwanted Items

If your relatives or friends haven’t quite hit the nail on the head with your gift, don’t despair. A gift receipt would allow you to return the item to the place of purchase for a refund or replacement. If you contact the company, experiences can often be switched for another option too.

Without a receipt, you might be able to exchange gifts with someone else. Otherwise, embrace the spirit of giving and hand it over to someone who would enjoy it, or donate it to your local charity shop. They can either sell it on or use new items for fundraising raffle prizes.

If the wrong gift is a persistent problem, suggest that next year you forget pressies. Pay for a meal out or a few drinks at the pub together instead. That would save on the packaging waste too!

Happy Christmas

We wish all of our customers, colleagues, suppliers and friends a wonderful and sustainable Christmas!

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