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Freddie’s Farm had everything else covered, but they needed a supplier of cardboard packaging. They approached Aylesbury Box Company for information on packaging design, print and costs, as well as our eco-credentials.
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Supply Chain Sustainability


Supply Chain Sustainability

With growing concerns around social and environmental impact, it’s not enough to know that your processes are sustainable. Companies need to be curious and discerning about their supply chains. Is every step of the process ethical?

For some products, the product and packaging supply chains are complex. Materials and parts can be sourced from around the globe. This brings carbon emissions into focus as well as less than favourable working conditions or processes.

Fresh from the Farm

At the other end of the spectrum are companies like Freddie’s Farm, which like to keep things local. Based in Kent, Freddie’s Farm has specialised in growing fruit and vegetables in its fields and orchards. This fresh produce is harvested when it is ripe and naturally sweet.

Farmer Charlie prepares and air-dries the homegrown fruit and veggies to lock in the goodness and flavour. Blueberry, raspberry and apple fruit shapes are then packed in snack-sized bags, which are ideal for lunchboxes. A healthy, delicious treat for children, containing nothing but 100% natural ingredients. Son, Freddie and his younger sister are the chief tasters.

Sustainable Packaging

Freddie’s Farm Fruit Shapes were the first snack to be wrapped in 100% plastic-free packets. The snacks stay fresh in printed and sealed paper packets, which can go into the recycling bin when empty. A selection of these packets fit into slimline cardboard boxes, ready to send to customers.

Freddie’s Farm had everything else covered, but they needed a supplier of cardboard packaging. They approached Aylesbury Box Company for information on packaging design, print and costs, as well as our eco credentials.

As a cardboard box manufacturer with FSC certification, we could evidence our sustainable supply chain. Around 84% of the fibres used in cardboard boxes are recycled from previously used card. The virgin fibres come from responsibly managed FSC® forests.

The Aylesbury Box Company team have actively worked on reducing our carbon footprint. Minimising energy, water use and waste is a priority in every one of our processes. These were the credentials that matched Freddie’s Farm’s objectives.

We supply cardboard boxes, with a print applied as part of the box manufacturing process. The print design brands the boxes, but also adds a fun element to the packaging and encourages creative play. When these bespoke boxes are packed and despatched, it is the first time the contents have left the farm! That is an impressive way to remain in control of supply chain sustainability.

The fun pack delivery boxes slide through the letterbox, so recipients don’t have to wait in for their order. As with the packets, they can be placed in the recycling bin when empty. They will be collected and recycled into new boxes!

Can Healthy Treats be Tasty?

So how are these healthy treats viewed by other parents and children?

“My boys are VERY fussy with their food but in an attempt to get them to eat healthier snacks, I gave these snacks a go. As soon as we received them, my boys tried them and they absolutely love them! Knowing it’s all natural ingredients, it’s just amazing and the packaging is completely plastic-free. Also, there are some games in the box and I spent my afternoon yesterday painting the box with my 4 year-old. Will definitely buy them again!”

 – Fatima Pardo, customer

“Placed an order on their new website and it was so easy and straightforward to do. Lovely site, with lots of information about Freddie’s Farm snacks and where all the ingredients come from. Delivery was free and our parcel arrived so quickly in a lovely box that turns into a fun activity for the children, with colouring, games and fun information. As for the snacks, they are excellent. Both of my children love them, we got the selection pack with all 3 flavours: raspberry, blueberry and apple. Needless to say, our first purchase won’t be our last with how well these went down. Thank you for creating a healthy snack for small children that they absolutely love.”

– Laura Little, customer

Freddie’s Farm Fruit Shapes are also available for wholesale, so if your shop or café is looking for natural children’s snacks, look no further! Support a small family business that cares about natural food and our natural environment.

FSC® Certified Cardboard Packaging

A growing number of prospects and customers are concerned about sustainable packaging. As an FSC® certified UK-based packaging manufacturer, we can reassure you that we care about how our materials are sourced and processed. A commitment to continuous improvement ensures that we are always open to new ways to boost our eco-credentials.

We are happy to run low-volume orders for small businesses and will advise on the different options to help keep your packaging design ideas within budget.

To find out more, get in touch on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk

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