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With high admission levels, greater volumes of medical supplies and PPE need to be delivered to hospitals. What has this got to do with a packaging company?
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Supplies to Keep Hospital Hygienic


Supplies to Keep Hospital Hygienic

The demands on hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare centres have been pushed to the limits through the Covid-19 pandemic. The pressures on nurses, doctors, cleaners and support teams have been relentless.

Gratitude for all NHS workers has skyrocketed. This country is so fortunate to have dedicated teams who offer high levels of healthcare when we need them most.

Regular hand washing, hand sanitiser, thorough cleaning and sterile equipment is nothing new on a hospital ward. This good practice is in place to help keep patients safe at all times. However, with high admission levels, greater volumes of medical supplies and PPE need to be delivered.

Medical supplies companies help hospitals to remain well-stocked. From PPE to patient meals, bedding to sterile medical equipment, there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes. What has this got to do with a packaging company?

Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging

You may be surprised to learn that Aylesbury Box Company plays a small role in this process.

Firstly, we manufacture secondary pharmaceutical packaging. The primary packaging for medication is typically plastic blister packs for tablets, tubes for cream and bottles for liquid medication. The secondary packaging is the box that these are sold in.

We supply compliant pharmaceutical boxes that are printed with product information. These boxes help patients to identify the product and give instructions on how to administer it. They provide a level of protection for the contents and make it easier to stack and store products.

Delivering Medical Supplies

We also manufacture and supply shipping boxes for medical companies. A maintained supply of industrial shipping boxes is essential for getting the right supplies to hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country.

One of our long-standing customers is Key Surgical UK. They are a global provider of sterile wrap and packaging, sterile processing, operating room and endoscopy products. Their wide range of products and solutions for Central Sterile Service Departments are essential for providing a safe, hygienic environment for hospital patients and staff.

Aylesbury Box Company provides them with robust shipping boxes for the transportation and storage of this specialist equipment.

Trusted Packaging Company

Even when the world reaches the point when Covid-19 is a thing of the past, the need for essential hospital supplies will be as great as ever. We have provided boxes for medical companies for years and will continue to be a trusted packaging supplier for many more.

If your company would like to discuss your requirements for secondary packaging or shipping boxes, please contact us on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk. We manufacture boxes in all dimensions and will provide samples. Our team are happy to quote for low volume runs or bulk orders.

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