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We have helped many subscription services to create the right image and make a positive impression on customers. If you are looking for small postal boxes for e-commerce, get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888.
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Subscription Boxes with Cattitude


Subscription Boxes with Cattitude

We all have our obsessions. If your top priority is your feline friends, we know just the subscription box for you; Cattitude Box.

Developed by a self-confessed ‘crazy cat lady’, Farah Radford, these monthly subscription boxes contain delightful, high-quality gifts for owner and cats to enjoy. The contents are sourced from independent shops and artists, so you’ll uncover unique and gorgeous items that cannot easily be found on the High Street or in the pet shop.

Subscribers with a fussy cat or cats with special dietary requirements are given the option to swap a food item for a toy and kitten food can be requested for the youngest additions to your family. The subscription boxes can be ordered monthly or there are 3-month and 6-month options. Then it is a case of eagerly awaiting the monthly delivery.

Here’s some feedback from customers:

“Excellent quality. I get excited each month waiting for it to arrive and reveal its wonderful contents.” – Christine Takkos

“This is a super fun box and an amazing deal. Lots of fun products for me and my cats. Love it.” – Danielle Miller Stutheit

If you are looking for the ideal gift for a cat fan, then one-off cat-themed gift boxes are also available to order. Could you make someone’s day? Deliveries can be made across the UK and Europe, as well as to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand, so think of all of those far-flung friends who would love a Cattitude Box subscription!

Desirable Packaging for Cat Lovers

We asked Farah why she had selected Aylesbury Box Company to produce her subscription box packaging.

“We wanted to find a company based in the UK that will help us grow. It was important to get them from a UK based company as opposed to getting them from abroad as many subscription companies do (just not worth it – and think about the carbon footprint your box will have!). Aylesbury Box company came highly recommended from other subscription box owners and their pricing was very competitive. 

Aylesbury Box company were very thorough. They sent me a few different prototypes before starting the printing so I was happy with the quality of the boxes. I’d wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.”

– Farah Radford, Cattitude Box

Farah wanted a robust solution for international shipping but was keen to add ‘purrsonality’. This was achieved with a printed design showcasing cats of all shapes and sizes, on the inside and outside of the delivery box. 

“Our box design is black and white to raise awareness of black cats in shelter. We wanted a printer who can produce the black and white boxes but on high-quality white boxes that is reflective of our brand. Our customers love their unboxing experience and we couldn’t have done it without Aylesbury Box company.” – Farah Radford, Cattitude Box

As a mono-colour print, this design required an initial set up. Now that has been created, the same design can be printed onto all Cattitude Box subscription orders. The design builds anticipation and excitement when the box is received. It also encourages packaging reuse. What cat lover would dispose of these beautiful bespoke boxes? They make an ideal storage solution…if your cats don’t claim it for their own!

Small Postal Boxes for E-commerce

If you are looking for an affordable way to differentiate your delivery boxes, monoprint packaging is a low-cost printing solution. We have helped many subscription services to create the right image and make a positive impression on customers. If you are looking for small postal boxes for e-commerce, get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 or email enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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