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Every industry is considering the potential impact of political discussions and changes to policy and trading partners. Are we in a position where we need to stockpile cardboard packaging?
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Stockpile Cardboard Packaging before UK Leaves

Stockpile Cardboard Packaging before UK Leaves

The start of a new year offers fresh opportunities and new developments, but this year, in particular, this is coupled with a sense of uncertainty. Every industry is considering the potential impact of political discussions and changes to policy and trading partners.

Food products, medicines, chemicals and components are being stockpiled in storage facilities across the country in a bid to buffer the UK against shortages when we officially leave the EU at the end of March. Are we also in a position where we need to stockpile cardboard packaging?

Paper Sources for Cardboard Packaging

The first consideration is that the majority of paper used in cardboard packaging comes from domestic sources. We aren’t solely reliant on imports, especially for recycled grades, which lowers the risk of paper, and therefore packaging, shortages.

In the past year, there have been issues with European paper supplies, but this has been addressed through increased recycling capacity and there is no indication European paper mills will stop selling to the UK. The fact is that many EU paper suppliers already hold stock across Britain. It is likely to be far more cost effective to sell that within the UK, rather than ship it back to mainland Europe.

Following Brexit, the UK will also have the option of sourcing alternative supplies from other parts of the globe. The challenge will be to ensure that paper comes from sustainable sources.

International imports may suggest significant price increases; however, paper is exempt from tariffs under the World Trade Organisation regulations. As such, the concern about extortionate price increases isn’t pressing, no matter where it is sourced from. There may be some additional supply chain charges, but these are unlikely to cripple the cardboard packaging industry.

Sustainable Packaging Material

Another reassurance is that cardboard is sustainable packaging material by nature. The wood comes from sustainably managed forests, where more trees are planted than felled. What’s more, the same fibres can be used, recycled and used again, up to around 25 times.

This reuse means that cardboard packaging manufacturers, such as Aylesbury Box Company, aren’t depending on a fresh supply of raw materials for every packaging run. This makes our operations more sustainable, even in the face of economic uncertainty.

If your supplies of product packaging or delivery boxes ran short over the festive period, you may want to talk with Aylesbury Box Company about your order and our storage and supply solutions. We can help you prepare for future sales peaks. Otherwise, we foresee no imminent need to stockpile cardboard packaging.

Packaging Industry Confidence

The announcement that a new sustainable packaging research centre will be opening in Leeds is an indication that the industry is focused on opportunities rather than threats. Coveris UK and Leeds Beckett University are working in collaboration for the Pack Positive Centre. The aim is to explore sustainability at all stages of the process, from concept and testing, to print and recyclability.

With a commitment to the circular economy and collaborative working, the Pack Positive Centre will encourage greater innovations in both plastic and paper packaging within the UK.

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