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Whether you are launching a new range or preparing for Christmas, we have established a reputation as a reliable supplier of e-commerce packaging for established online retailers.
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Shopping for Christmas?


Shopping for Christmas?

The countdown to Christmas offers an annual peak in sales, so retailers start preparations in the spring. We deal with enquiries for Christmas gift packaging throughout the year, but even we were surprised to hear that the John Lewis online Christmas shop has gone live in August.

This ‘earlier than ever’ festive launch is apparently in response to a significant increase in searches for Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and even mincemeat. Maybe people are keen to celebrate the end of 2020 in the hope that the New Year will bring a fresh start.

The shelves in John Lewis stores will be stocked with baubles, trees, cards and Christmas puddings in September and other retailers are expected to quickly follow suit.

Online First

Making online a priority over physical shops is likely to become common practice for all retailers. The pandemic forced a rapid shift in consumer buying habits and even as physical stores reopen, many shoppers will continue to favour e-commerce.

In an O2 Business and Retail Economic survey, ‘The Big Ask: The Connected Customer Journey’, 47% of consumers stated that increased online shopping will continue post-pandemic. The challenge for retailers is to respond to this change and deliver what customers desire. This will require a stronger focus on connecting with customers across various channels, as well as investment in practical logistics.

New Opportunities to Support E-commerce Growth

As many people face redundancy, some retailers are announcing new jobs. AO announced 650 positions due to a sustained increase in online sales. Tesco is taking on 16,000 new employees as pickers, delivery drivers and in the distribution centres, to manage e-commerce growth. As we edge towards Christmas, there is also expected to be a rise in temporary positions to cover the peak period.

E-commerce Packaging for Online Retailers

Alongside efficient teams, retailers need packaging and logistics strategies that are resilient to the increasing volume of orders.

The Future of Packaging Report published in March 2020 focused packaging trends, challenges and opportunities. To recognise the impact of Covid-19, Duo UK undertook research to update this report. The published results highlight that;

Nearly half of the surveyed businesses have stated that future packaging strategies will be influenced by the increase in online shopping.”

Despite changing priorities, the report identifies environmental impact is still an area for change. The benefits of the circular economy, for businesses and the environment, place sustainability as a defining factor. Along with consumer pressure, the desire to avoid the 2022 Plastic Packaging Tax is certainly focusing minds on green packaging initiatives.

Reducing Packaging Waste

There is an opportunity to further reduce packaging waste and increase reuse and recycling. The challenge is finding a clear way to communicate with consumers.

As shoppers, we receive packages in cardboard boxes, plastic mailers or innovative new materials which resemble plastic but are formed from biodegradable starch. The confusion increases when packaging is formed from multiple materials. How do customers keep track of what can be reused or recycled?

Good packaging design and clear information are necessary to help more people to feel inspired to re-purpose packaging, or correctly dispose of it. A clear icon or message printed onto packaging is a small step towards reducing packaging waste.

Bespoke Packaging Design and Manufacture

With a passion for the circular economy and expertise in cardboard engineering, packaging design, manufacture and print, Aylesbury Box Company can fulfil your packaging needs. Our team are happy to provide advice and samples to help you make informed packaging decisions.

Whether you are launching a new range or preparing for Christmas, we can provide small orders of low-cost packaging solutions for new online retailers. We have also established a reputation as a reliable supplier of e-commerce packaging for established online retailers.

For further information, please get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 or

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