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E-commerce packaging has further boosted convenience. You can now order boxes designed to fit through a letterbox. If you are a manufacturer looking for sustainable printed packaging for deliveries, get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888.
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Selection Boxes of Tasty Treats


Selection Boxes of Tasty Treats

Gift packaging makes sweet treats an easy present for the friends that invite you over for dinner. Boxes of chocolates solve the dilemma of what to buy those tricky relatives. Coupled with advent calendars, selection packs and shelves filled with festive delights; it’s hard to resist the temptation at this time of year.

Not everyone wants to pile on the pounds over Christmas. You may have stuck with last year’s resolution to get in shape – good work! It could be that a concerted effort has reaped the rewards of fitting into your favourite party outfit – fantastic! You may simply be attempting to reduce your intake of refined sugar. In which case, is there a better alternative to keep you on track?

Squirrel Sisters Selection Boxes

One option is a 4-bar selection box from our customers the Squirrel Sisters. Initially bloggers, these siblings focus on the impact of good, nutritious food on our health and well-being. They moved into the production of healthy snacks in 2015. Their intention was to make it easier for people to make positive choices when grabbing food on the go.

It is relatively straightforward to eat well when you have fresh ingredients, a scrumptious recipe and time on your hands. The challenge often comes when you are out and about and get peckish. In providing healthy snacks, the Squirrel Sisters combine convenience, great taste and a nutritious boost all in one.

E-commerce packaging has further boosted convenience. You can now order 4-bar selection boxes, designed to fit through your letterbox. In this e-commerce packaging, the snacks can be delivered whether you are in or out.

Inside you will find award-winning snacks that contain no sugar, sugar alternatives, syrups or pastes. The bars only contain 100% natural ingredients and get their sweetness from the inclusion of whole dates. This commitment to wholesome foods has resulted in the Squirrel Sisters Bars being awarded a Sugarwise certification.

Nakd Wholefoods Delivery Boxes

Another of our customers, Nakd Wholefoods, also produce tasty and healthy snack bars. Equally targeting the ‘grab on the go’ snack market, they are packed with wholefood goodness and 100% natural ingredients.

With an awareness of dietary choice, Nakd bars are dairy-free, wheat-free and vegan. All but the Oatie bars are gluten-free. The fruit and nuts contained within the bars are unprocessed, this allows natural sugars to sweeten and preserve the ingredients.

You can order a selection of Nakd bars, which can be delivered to your door in corrugated cardboard packaging. We love the simple, stylised print design of these delivery boxes, do you?

Switch Box Sets for Hobbies (and other Avoidance Techniques)

Sometimes just having goodies in the house is detrimental to our best plans for staying healthy. If you are determined to be good, here are three tips for avoiding sweets and chocolate this Christmas.

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1. Shop Local – visiting independent butchers, greengrocers and farmers markets is a great way to stock up on everything you need for the Christmas dinner. You can support local business, get quality produce and avoid the draw of those supermarket shelves stocked high with treats.

2. If you are visiting friends or family, take a bunch of flowers or a festive plant in place of a box of chocolates. This way none of you will be tempted to tuck in. Plants are also known to have a positive impact on our well-being, especially at this time of year, when we are less likely to get outside.

3. Engage in an evening hobby. We are most likely to nibble in the evenings, whilst watching the latest box set or browsing for last-minute gifts and sale bargains. Taking up a new hobby could be enough to distract your mind.

Where can I Buy Delivery Boxes?

If you are a manufacturer looking for sustainable printed packaging for deliveries, get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888. From slender, letterbox-friendly options to robust solutions for veg, meats, cheese or wine deliveries, we have the expertise to design, manufacture and print robust corrugated cardboard boxes.

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