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According to the latest survey by DHL, changing attitudes will push packaging design into the spotlight over the coming 5 years.
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Rethinking Packaging for 2020


Rethinking Packaging for 2020

Is rethinking your product packaging and delivery boxes a priority for the coming year? According to the latest survey by DHL, changing attitudes will push packaging design into the spotlight over the coming 5 years.

What shipping solutions are customers looking for?

Those brands which continue to use excessive packaging materials, oversized boxes and plastic packaging risk losing customers in the coming year. With growing concern for the environment, consumers are adopting new behaviours. They want retailers and manufacturers to make it easier for them to make positive changes.

In addition to compact, sustainable and recyclable materials, customers also want to receive goods in pristine condition. This means quality packaging solutions, which offer robust protection during transportation.

Whilst goods need to be securely packed for protection, it is also important to customers that packaging is easy to open. Tear strips are a great example of a simple solution that offers ease of opening without compromise. They also remove the need to use tapes to seal delivery boxes. This boosts efficiency for packers in fulfilment centres and makes it easier for the person opening the delivery box. It can lower costs and waste.

Consumers also want to be informed. Printed barcodes or smart labels help companies and customers to track orders. Whilst printed assembly or care instructions add value to shipping cartons.

Packaging should also give consideration to potential reuse and at the end of life, be straightforward to recycle. This often means simplifying the design to limit the variety of materials used.

Buckinghamshire’s Recycled Packaging – The Good News

We like to end the year on a positive note. The latest Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs show that Buckinghamshire is recycling or composting 58% of collected waste. There is still room for improvement, but this is above the national average of 43%.

Incineration plants were used to manage most other waste in the county. This burning process generates electricity, so is preferable to sending food and packaging waste to landfill.

The percentage of recycled waste could be further increased if more manufacturers removed non-recyclable materials from the packaging. It also depends on consumer awareness and action. We can all make good use of separate bins and recycling facilities.

Is it Possible to have Robust, Sustainable, Easy to Open and Recyclable Packaging Solutions?

The research and development of many new packaging materials are in development. Having said this, there are plenty of affordable packaging solutions that have been widely used for years. Corrugated cardboard boxes, glass bottles and tin cans are three everyday options that tick all of the boxes.

The Future of Packaging

In summary, over the next 5 years, prioritising the reduction, reuse and recycling of packaging materials could be the factor that attracts and retains customers. Thought needs to go into the size and design of the packaging. This is where Aylesbury Box Company can help.

Printed Cardboard could be the ideal option for primary packaging or shipping cartons. As cardboard box manufacturers, Aylesbury Box Company can create bespoke packaging solutions. Our robust solutions offer protection without excessive layers and we are happy to advise on packaging design.

It’s time to think inside the box – and with our expertise, your brand can get it right. Why not give us a call on 01296 436888?

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