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When entering the highly competitive world of e-commerce, it takes more than great products. An intuitive website, bespoke packaging and efficient fulfilment to make an impact.
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Retaining e-commerce Customers


Retaining e-commerce Customers

Through opportunity or necessity, 2020 has seen many people embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and set up in business. With relatively low set up costs, e-commerce offers the chance to sell goods online, but how can you retain loyal customers?

The Rise of the Online Retailer

Companies House has reported on an increase in the number of new registrations in the second half of the year and according to Statista data, UK self-employment was up to 811,000 in Q3 2020. Whilst these figures cover all industries, a growing number of online retailers are emerging.

When entering the highly competitive world of e-commerce, it takes more than great products. An intuitive website, bespoke packaging and efficient fulfilment to make an impact. The success of any business is identifying your ideal customer and then putting everything in place to provide them with a tailored experience.

Get your Brand Noticed

From marketing messages that resonate and capture interest, to packaging that promotes brand awareness and interaction, you need to work on building customer relationships. As with any trusting partnership, quick wins are rare. Success takes a genuine interest in your customers. It depends on providing things that keep them engaged and being responsive to their feedback.

No matter what you sell, there will be plenty of competition, so you need to work hard to get noticed, convince buyers and then to create a positive association with your brand.

The Power of e-commerce Packaging

At Aylesbury Box Company, we manufacture and supply bespoke e-commerce packaging for online retailers. Drawing on our experience, we know that packaging plays a part in personalising the experience of shopping online. Used well, shipping boxes can do more than protect goods; they can inspire brand loyalty.

What do your Customers Want?

When ordering from an online retailer, customers expect the following:

  • Timely delivery – A ready supply of shipping boxes will ensure that you can quickly pack and dispatch orders.
  • The correct products delivered without damage – Custom ‘made to fit’ boxes with cardboard inserts offer the best protection and presentation for your goods.
  • No excessive packaging materials – Bespoke boxes also negate the need to stuff void spaces with fillers.
  • Easy to recycle packaging – Cardboard shipping boxes can often be reused and can be folded for household waste collections in most areas of the UK.

A good brand reputation is dependent on ticking all of these boxes.

Personalise Shipping Boxes with Print

In addition to these core expectations, customers enjoy personalisation. Printed packaging can be used to build brand awareness, give your shipping boxes personality and provide valuable information. This adds to the excitement of receiving an order.

Printing isn’t restricted to the outside, consider flood printing or messages on the inside. This attention to detail improves the perception of your brand and looks great in unboxing videos.

Printed Inserts Add Value

Within the box, you can also include additional printed materials. These could take the form of a ‘thank you for your purchase’ note, an invitation to an online event. You could share a customer competition or discount off the next order. It could be a ‘have you tried…?’ suggestion based on the product purchased or a free sample with a request for feedback.

If you are considering additional printed materials, be conscious of adding value. The purpose is to create a positive association with your brand, not to push another sale. You want to focus on giving, as this will make your company memorable for all of the right reasons.

Printed Packaging is within Budget

With a range of print options, the cost of elevating a plain shipping box need not be excessive. The Aylesbury Box Company team are happy to inform you of options that are available within your budget.

We have provided bespoke packaging solutions for many e-commerce businesses and we offer low-volume batches without charging a premium. For further information, please get in touch on enquiries@abcbox.co.uk or 01296 436888.

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