Aylesbury BOX Company | Retail Packaging Update: Boxes and Bags
From shipping boxes to designer handbags, Aylesbury Box Company is delighted to see that 2020 has opened up plenty of new opportunities for paper-based packaging. Can we assist with your retail packaging?
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Retail Packaging Update: Boxes and Bags


Retail Packaging Update: Boxes and Bags

This has been a year when retailers have needed to adapt at speed. The demand for deliveries accelerated as soon as lockdown came into force in March. In the packaging industry, orders for cardboard shipping cartons took a sudden leap and the surge in orders has not stopped.

Boxes Delivered to your Door

Being forced to stay home meant that even those who had resisted online shopping quickly learnt new skills. After several months of social isolation, the convenience of doorstep deliveries was appreciated and new habits were formed. As an example, Waitrose has announced that the number of shoppers from the older generation as trebled since the start of 2020.

The shops may have re-opened, but many consumers are reluctant to head back into stores. Springboard Retail Analysis reports that High Street footfall was down 30% in August 2020, compared to August 2019.

As brands including Debenhams, Monsoon and Oasis face financial crisis, it is little wonder that the number of empty shops on the High Street is up to the highest levels in 6 years. UK Retailers are now switching their focus towards increasing their digital presence and online capacity. They are now seeking reliable retail packaging suppliers, fulfilment and logistic solutions, along with broader payment options.

Sustainable Packaging Options

Lightweight, yet robust, corrugated cardboard boxes are the most popular retail packaging solutions. Printing cardboard is straightforward and they are effective shelf-ready packaging, as well as making protective shipping boxes. The fact that they are largely formed from recycled fibres means that the growth in demand can be met without reliance on finite resources. This ticks the other box that consumers still expect; environmental responsibility.

If your company had to make quick decisions about delivery boxes, you may have opted for off-the-shelf standard sizes. Whilst this may have helped you to shift to meet online orders, it may not be the ideal packaging solution.

If you get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company, we can advise you on sustainable cardboard packaging options that optimise the protection of goods and build brand awareness. We may even be able to help you to save on delivery costs. Call us on 01296 436888 or email enquires@abcbox.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Bring your Own or Use Paper Bags

Cardboard Boxes are not the only sustainable packaging option. As it is announced that the charge for plastic bags will be a minimum of 10p from 2021, more retailers are switching to biodegradable alternatives or paper bags. Morrisons and Boots are two of the major retailers to be testing consumer interest in paper bags if they forget to bring a reusable ‘bag for life’ to the shop.

Government data shows the positive impact of the plastic bag charge. Following the introduction of the 5p fee in 2015, DEFRA reports that 86% fewer disposable bags have been given out to customers. This has prevented 15 billion items of plastic from contaminating our environment. It is hoped that doubling the charge will be a further incentive for retailers and consumers to make beneficial changes.

Designer Paper Bags

Designer Daniel Lee has created a handbag collection for Bottega Veneta which will set shoppers back significantly more than 10p!

Created from 100% recycled corrugated cardboard, the ‘kraft paper’ range is coated and lined to enhance durability. The sustainable material has been cut into several classic bag designs, which could elevate the status of the humble paper bag to new heights.

From shipping boxes to designer handbags, Aylesbury Box Company is delighted to see that 2020 has opened up plenty of new opportunities for paper-based packaging. Can we assist with your retail packaging?

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