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Packaging labels such as the Recycling arrows, the FSC® tree tick and Vegan Society sunflower are widely-recognised and build trust. Are your purchasing decisions informed by labels and symbols?
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Recognised & Trusted Labels on Packaging


Recognised & Trusted Labels on Packaging

According to Statista research*, 47% of women and 43% of men check food labels on packaging before making a purchase. What information do consumers seek out before buying?

Check the Packaging

When in the shop or supermarket, some customers simply grab a product, whilst others study labels before adding goods to their basket. Those scanning the packaging small print are typically driven by one of these factors:

  • The desire to eat a healthier diet – nutritional values, calories content & traffic light label scheme
  • The avoidance of allergens – ingredients in bold that could trigger a reaction
  • Dietary requirements – suitable for vegans/vegetarians, gluten-free etc
  • Best value – volumes and serving sizes
  • Sustainability – British Farm Red Tractor, recycling and FSC® symbol on packaging

Checking the packaging ensures the product meets their needs. It enables shoppers to compare like for like items and make informed choices.

Details of what must be included in food labelling are provided on the Government website.**

Widely Recognised Packaging Labels

Packaging labels such as the Recycling arrows, the FSC® tree tick and Vegan Society sunflower are widely-recognised and build trust in a product. When people spot these symbols, they feel reassured that it meets their requirements. Whilst these are widely seen on food packaging, they can also be found on toiletries, cosmetics, homeware, garden products and more. Are your purchasing decisions informed by labels and symbols?

Issuing the Vegan Society Trademark for Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

This month, the Vegan Society issued its 60,000th trademark. The organisation was launched in 1990, but the growing interest in plant-based products has seen a rapid rise in interest in recent years. In 2021 alone, 10,411 products qualified for the Vegan Society label.

The latest product to be certified as free from animal ingredients and testing was not a food product, it was Smurfit Kappa corrugated packaging. With global branches, including over 25 in the UK, Smurfit Kappa is a major leader in the world of cardboard packaging. The company supplies cardboard sheets to smaller packaging companies, including Aylesbury Box Company.

Smurfit Kappa already holds FSC® certificates for each of their locations and adding this endorsement from the Vegan Society will add to assurances. We also hold an FSC® certificate and know that our ethical and environmentally conscious customers value this evidence of supply chain sustainability.

What values are important to your customers? Make sure to include labels, certification and information on your product packaging to help customers make an informed choice.

Why is Corrugated Cardboard a Sustainable Product?

Corrugated cardboard is a sustainable product; manufactured from recycled fibres and virgin fibres sourced from sustainably-managed forests. For every tree harvested, new saplings are planted, ensuring resources for the future. The ecosystem of the forest is also considered, so it provides a natural home for a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The fact that corrugated cardboard is sufficiently robust to protect goods, reduce waste and be reused is an asset. As part of the circular economy, it can be folded, collected and processed into new boxes. If discarded, it biodegrades, unlike plastic packaging.

To find out more about printed cardboard packaging, get in touch with the Aylesbury Box Company team on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk. We are happy to discuss your requirements, answer packaging questions and offer advice on materials and print finishes.

* https://www.statista.com/statistics/1135123/consumers-checking-food-product-labels-by-gender-uk/


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