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As a small, responsive and local box making company, we are committed to providing same-day quotes, quality packaging solutions and a fast turnaround on orders.
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Quality Packaging at Speed


Quality Packaging at Speed

The shift towards online shopping has seen a steady increase in recent years, but nothing compares to the current rate of change. Restrictions on our daily movements have driven a spike in online grocery shopping, takeaway deliveries and digital subscriptions.

According to Kantar Worldpanel UK, March was the biggest month for online grocery sales ever recorded. In addition, as restaurants and cafes shut, the demand for doorstep deliveries shot up.

Many businesses have had to make immediate changes to their operations and workforce to respond. On a small scale, village stores are delivering essentials to locals for the first time and start-up e-commerce businesses are seeing higher than expected orders.

Looking at established businesses, Tesco is now offering 780,000 weekly delivery slots and is pursuing plans to add a further 100,000 this month. This is just one of the leading supermarkets bringing food to our doorsteps. Deliveroo has seen an increase of 30% compared to March 2019 and Amazon are recruiting thousands of new employees to keep pace with online orders.

In addition to the products, every one of these businesses has needed to quickly resolve the logistical challenges. A swift response to customer needs is dependent on the supply of cardboard boxes, efficient processes and delivery drivers.

Local Box Making Company

As a small, responsive and local box making company, we are on hand to provide packaging supplies. Aylesbury Box company is committed to providing same-day quotes, quality packaging solutions and a fast turnaround on orders. This service is helping businesses large and small to adapt.

If you are simply looking to get orders out of the door as quickly as possible, we are a local supplier of standard-sized cardboard boxes. We also manufacture bespoke boxes. These are recommended if:

  • Your goods need more protection to ensure they reach customers in pristine condition.
  • You want to retain a strong brand image
  • You wish to personalise deliveries with a topical message for your customers
  • Your goods do not easily fit into standard packaging solutions
  • You want to remove box fillers to increase packaging efficiency and reduce costs 

No one knows how long this peak in demand will last. This makes it difficult to plan, but for our existing customers, Aylesbury Box Company remains committed to delivery quality packaging at speed.

Contact us today for a quote on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

Every one of our customers has a dedicated Account Manager. Whether operating from home, out on the road or in our office, they are contactable within work hours. They are experienced at quickly processing repeat orders and arrange convenient delivery times. When packaging stocks start to decline, our customers know that a phone call will lead to a fresh delivery of boxes.

Packaging Design Services

Conversely, if your company is facing a lull in orders, you may be using the time to focus on your business. This could be the ideal opportunity to work on packaging design. Whether upgrading from standard to bespoke boxes or working on a fresh print image, Aylesbury Box Company can help. With cardboard engineering expertise and print knowhow, we are natural problem solvers. We will listen to what you want to achieve and advise you on how to get the best results within your budget.

Aylesbury Box Company has been adapting our services to meet customer requirements since 1987. From a short-term requirement for delivery boxes to an ongoing need for bespoke printed e-commerce packaging, let us help your business to thrive.

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