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Green Stuff approached Aylesbury Box Company to design a simple, sustainable printed box for their discs of surf wax. If your ethos focuses on environmental protection, we would love to speak with you about packaging.
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Protecting the Seas


Protecting the Seas

As the movement of people is restricted around the world, there is one clear advantage. The environment is less polluted. There are already images of lakes, rivers and canals transforming from cloudy brown to clear. Our seas, which have felt the brunt of human activity now have a rest bite; an opportunity for sealife to take back some control.

We may find that after a few months, the waters around are shores are cleaner. This will be delightful to all those people who enjoy open water swimming, surfing and other water sports. How do those who view the oceans as a playground help to protect the seas? Let’s look at surfers to discover more.

The Rise of Newquay’s Surfing Scene

In 1929, a group of young men arrived in Newquay from London. Having seen clips of Australian surfers, they came equipped with a wooden bodyboard. They dedicated their time to mastering the technique. Others were intrigued and the idea of riding the waves caught on; surfing in the UK was born.

Since then, Newquay has remained Britain’s go-to-place for surfers. The west-facing Fistral Beach is particularly popular. This bay is framed by two headlands which drive the Atlantic waves towards the long sandy beach. A natural reef and steady incline into shore increase the longevity of waves, providing ideal conditions for surfers.

Environmentally Friendly Surfers

Cornwall attracts millions of tourists every year. In this narrow county, the sea is never far away and the locals are passionate about the water. The coastal communities are committed to keeping the beaches clean and in 2020, 8 Cornish beaches have achieved Blue Flag status. Whether catching fresh fish, taking tourists to see seals and dolphins or running surf schools, the sea provides an income to residents. They are understandably keen to protect it.

Green Stuff is a Newquay-based company. They wanted surfers to enjoy the power of the waves without harming the marine eco-systems.  In line with the environmental attitude of the county, they have produced an eco surfboard wax. Look out for it if you head to Cornwall this year; it is sold in the local surf schools.

Green Stuff approached Aylesbury Box Company to design a simple, sustainable printed box for their discs of surf wax.

What is Surf Wax?

Surf wax is rubbed onto the deck of the board before heading into the water. It produces a thin, sticky and water-resistant layer which helps the surfer to grip the board and remain upright.

Back in 1935, when surf wax was first introduced, it was made from paraffin. As a petroleum product, this relied on an environmentally-destructive process to source. It also released dioxins into the water, which cause toxic contamination. Paraffin remains a primary ingredient used by many surf wax brands.

Packaging Eco Surf Wax

Green Stuff uses 100% natural ingredients, primarily beeswax, in their product. There is no compromise on the sticky grip that is achieved and the environmental impact is reduced. The solid discs are placed in small cardboard boxes, with a single-colour print and no plastic.

When the wax is used up, the boxes can be placed into the recycling bins which are a feature on many Cornish beaches. The board will then be broken down and used to produce another cardboard packaging solution.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

If your ethos focuses on environmental protection, we would love to speak with you about packaging. From reducing packaging materials to finding solutions for specific packaging requirements, we can assist. Our knowledge of packaging design, cardboard engineering and print can help you achieve simple or complex sustainable packaging solutions.

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