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As business continues to shift online, the majority of manufacturers and retailers have to factor in the cost of packaging and shipping. Can UK box companies compete with cheap overseas production?
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Pros & Cons of UK & International Box Companies


Pros & Cons of UK & International Box Companies

When looking for a box manufacturer, what are the advantages and disadvantages of UK packaging suppliers?

Low-cost Packaging Suppliers

As business continues to shift online, the majority of manufacturers and retailers have to factor in the cost of packaging and shipping. With lower labour and production costs, countries including China and India can undercut the unit price of cardboard shipping, retail and gift boxes. Can UK box companies compete?

For many years, UK packaging suppliers have not been able to match the costs of overseas competitors. Even with local tariffs and export taxes factored in, sourcing packaging from overseas has been cost-effective. Things are changing as the cost of shipping increases.

Our advice is to gather quotes and information from several different overseas and UK box companies.

It is important not to sacrifice quality to get cheap packaging, so create a well-defined brief. This should detail the box dimensions, cardboard thickness, design requirements and finish. Ask the packaging supplier to confirm their understanding of your brief, so you can check that all requirements have been met. You will then be comparing like for like when you receive the quotes.

Packaging Lead Times

Global supply issues have impacted lead times for many products in 2021. We’ve also seen supply chain disruption caused by tightened border controls and even a ship stuck in the Panama Canal.

Sourcing your packaging from a UK box manufacturer is going to reduce the lead time and minimise disruptions. If a quick turnaround is necessary, finding a local packaging company makes good business sense. Even if there is no rush for the first order, will you get what you need in time for a seasonal promotion, product launch or peak time sales?

Packaging with a Lower Carbon Footprint

A growing number of our customers are choosing local suppliers to provide sustainable packaging without the air miles. Aylesbury Box Company supplies to businesses across the UK, however, the vast majority of customers are located within a 40mile radius. The carbon emissions of delivering orders to local businesses are considerably lower than if they sourced packaging from Asia.

As an FSC certified packaging supplier, Aylesbury Box Company can also evidence our efforts to become energy- and resource-efficient manufacturers. Our supply chain, cardboard boxes and production processes are sustainable. If green credentials are essential to your business, overseas suppliers cannot compete with UK box companies.

Requesting Packaging Samples

A great way to ensure that your packaging design and finish is fit for purpose is to request samples. For local packaging companies, samples are straightforward to produce and deliver. Requesting samples from global suppliers is not so simple and will add to costs and timeframes.

Samples mean you can view and test the packaging concept before placing your order. They ensure that your packaging brief has been fully understood and prevents expensive mistakes from being made.

Trusted Relationships with Packaging Supplier

Although it is easy to conduct business overseas, it is still reassuring to know that you can pop in to see your packaging company. We have met many of our customers in person; at their premises or ours. This builds our understanding of their requirements and their trust in us.

Our close proximity means that stock holding is an option, which can aid stock management and logistics.

Without language barriers, communication is easier. Many of our conversations with customers focus on fully understanding their needs and offering packaging advice. If we see a better way of achieving their requirements, we will explain the options. Do you get this level of service from overseas suppliers?

Are UK or Overseas Packaging Suppliers Better?

Only you know which best fulfils your packaging requirements. Finding the cheapest packaging may be your only consideration, however, we know when it comes to quality, convenience, customers service and environmental impact, we are hard to beat.

To discuss your packaging requirements, request a quote and samples, please contact the team at Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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