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As the packaging manufacturer for Serious Readers, we are delighted to see so many reviewers commenting on the boxes as part of the whole experience. It shows that product packaging really does matter to customers.
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Shining a Light on Product Packaging


Shining a Light on Product Packaging

At this time of year, there is one thing in shorter supply; natural light. We wake in the dark and the days are short. We need to turn the lights on in order to get things done.

Apart from bumping up the energy bills, over-reliance on artificial light can impact on our comfort and health. Prolonged periods of working, reading or undertaking other detailed tasks under florescent bulbs can cause eye strain. This can make our vision blurry, result in headaches and cause fatigue.

Our eyes have evolved to respond to daylight. When our activities are illuminated by natural light, we have the best chance to see with clarity and to view colours in their true shades. Studies have shown that natural light improves our attention, mood and cognitive performance. It helps us remain alert, reduces the risk of eye strain and boosts the quality of our sleep.

With this in mind, one of our customers, Serious Readers, developed a solution that brings the benefits of natural light into our homes and offices, especially through the darker winter months. The Serious Reader table and free-standing lamps make use of Daylight Wavelength Technology™. This shines a natural, balanced light beam, making it a highly effective task light.

To clarify that this is no ordinary lighting, their lamps have been recommended by over 500 independent opticians.

Does Product Packaging Really Matter?

Serious Readers has developed a reputation as a great company to do business with. Customer reviews are filled with positive feedback.

When reading these reviews, it is clear to see that the company has done more than develop a quality product range. Consumers praise the entire process, including customer service, prompt delivery and product packaging. Here are a few recent examples:

“The service was excellent. The product is packaged extremely well and delivered when agreed.”

“Outstanding reading lamp. Excellent equipment; arrived on time, brilliantly packaged, works very well. Would buy again and will recommend to others.”

“The lights were delivered promptly and very cleverly packaged-lights were well protected and it was surprisingly easy to open, which was a bonus.”

As the packaging manufacturer for Serious Readers, we are delighted to see so many reviewers commenting on the boxes as part of the whole experience. It shows that product packaging really does matter to customers.

Packaging Design Priorities

When it came to packaging the lamps, Serious Readers spoke with Aylesbury Box Company about packaging design. They were looking for bespoke packaging that would provide suitable protection for shipping their lamps. They had developed a high-quality product range and it was important that this focus on quality was reflected in the packaging.

In line with the lamps, Serious Readers were focused on functionality over elaborate design. Branding on the corrugated cardboard packaging was kept simple, with a greater focus on ensuring that all goods would be delivered in immaculate condition. The boxes and instructions make it as straightforward as possible for buyers to access and assemble their purchase.

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If you have developed a quality product and you want bespoke e-commerce packaging that ensures it is properly protected and well presented, get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888. Our knowledge of cardboard engineering and packaging design can assist in the development of effective and commercially viable packaging solutions.

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