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Aylesbury Box Company recently supplied printed packaging to Study Bed. This local business has seen increasing demand for EU exports and needed a bespoke packaging solution.
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Printed Packaging for an Established Brand


Printed Packaging for an Established Brand

Aylesbury Box Company recently supplied printed packaging to Study Bed. This local business has been operating since 2007, but increasing demand for EU exports created the need for a bespoke packaging solution.

Space Saving Furniture

For many of us, working from home has focused our attention on space-saving ideas. We want multi-functional furniture that optimises space, enabling us to work and live in the same rooms.

Study Bed is an excellent example of what is possible. The wood veneer furniture is designed to transform from a work desk to a bed in seconds. There is no need to clear the desk, so you can instantly get back to work in the morning.

The Study Bed Company was established at a time when the housing market collapsed during the recession. ‘Improve, don’t move’ was the catchphrase of the time, so homeowners were exploring ways to make the most of the space they had. This led to demand for garage and loft conversion, extension and multi-purpose furniture.

With most multi-purpose furniture, there is a sense of compromise. Sofa beds are adequate for occasional use, but they offer far less comfort than a night on a good mattress. There is also the question of where to store the bedding when it is being used as a sofa.

Study Bed is different; you get a comfy bed, including a full size and depth memory foam or sprung mattress. The single or double bed can be used every night and simply folds away, into a desk, when you need to work. It is ideal for anyone wanting to use the spare room as an office, but still has a place for guests to sleep. It also works well for students and anyone keen to optimise space.

The lockdown elevated interest in Study Bed to new levels. The company sold its 10,000th item and started taking orders from customers across the EU. Whilst their team personally deliver and install all UK study beds, they needed to send the furniture to overseas customers. They were looking for printed packaging to safely export the fittings and hardware.

Local Packaging Company

Study Bed were keen to use a local packaging company and found Aylesbury Box Company through a Google search. Our companies are located approximately 10miles apart and the close proximity has the instant advantage of lowering the carbon footprint of packaging deliveries. It also meant that one of our account managers, Helen, could visit to fully understand the product and discuss packaging requirements.

The bespoke boxes needed to hold multiple parts and be sufficiently sturdy to protect them during transit. Sustainability was also a priority. Made from over 80% recycled cardboard, these postal boxes can be recycled after use and made into more boxes!

Alongside the practicalities, Study Bed also wanted the boxes to be branded. For this project, we recommended an external graphic designer to work on the print design. Julia at Jamtastic Design provided strong imagery that represented the brand and worked well when we printed it onto the boxes.

We were delighted to deliver this order and received great feedback:

“Aylesbury Box Company made the process easy. Their communication was incredibly prompt, they were happy to arrange a visit and were excellent at understanding and fulfilling our requirements. The finished packaging is in line with the quality that we value as a brand.”

– Ben Berry, Owner Study Bed

Printed Cardboard Packaging

If your business is growing or diversifying and needs printed cardboard packaging, get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk. We love to find the best packaging materials, print and finish to meet your requirements.

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