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When the packaging design is agreed, and an order is placed, our in-house manufacturing team will produce bespoke packaging for your product range.
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Perfect Packaging for City Lovers


Perfect Packaging for City Lovers

Whilst some of us love to escape to the country, others are drawn to the excitement and energy of urban life. We love holidays exploring the sights, sounds and cultures of global cities. We want to be part of the crowd, with new experiences around every corner.

What is your favourite city?

Liverpool and London, to New York, Rio, Sydney and Dubai, each has its own character and memories. Thanks to one of our customers, you can now bring the city into your home. SiLuet designs and laser cuts city skylines which can be fixed to the walls of your home or workplace.

Created with precision in black gloss or matte grey acrylic, they incorporate all the iconic buildings of your favourite city.

Practical and Stylish Packaging Design

When working with SiLuet, we needed to ensure that the packaging matched the sleek, stylish branding. It also needed to provide suitable protection for the long, slim skylines, to ensure that they would not be damaged in transit.

It was decided that a single colour print of a skyline would form an eye-catching part of the design. To ensure the same product packaging could be used for any order, a selection of global buildings were brought together in one image.

SiLuet also wanted a subtle print design for the outside edge of the box, along with printed care instructions. It was important that the design was of a sufficiently high definition that it would work on a variety of different sized boxes.

Aylesbury Box Company provided samples for consideration before a final design was approved. We feel that the end result works exceptionally well with the brand.

Printed design for Bespoke Packaging

Single colour print is not an expensive option. Used well, it can create a bespoke packaging design that clearly indicates that this is a quality product. SiLuet could have chosen plain box, but this printed packaging has elevated the look of quality, without compromising the protective features.

If you are selling a unique product that needs robust packaging and a touch of class, Aylesbury Box Company can assist. We take time to understand your products, as well as how they will be stored and transported.

We listen to what you wish to achieve and apply our knowledge of processes and cardboard engineering to offer options and recommendations. Our approach is to consider waste and cost reductions as well as the quality and performance of the packaging.

When the packaging design is agreed, and an order is placed, our in-house manufacturing team will produce bespoke packaging for your product range.

For further information, please get in touch on 01296 436888.

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