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Amazon Prime orders sent in padded plastic envelopes has led the company to be under fire on Twitter; the website clearly states that this plastic packaging is not widely recycled in the UK.
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Packaging Under Fire


Packaging Under Fire

For many years, Amazon was criticised for excessive packaging. The smallest of products were often sent in large cardboard boxes.

In response to this, the global company tried attaching delivery labels to product packaging, which completely removed the need for boxes. This was a simple solution, but many complaints were received around Christmas, where the element of surprise was ruined when the delivery was received.

Plastic Packaging; Not Widely Recycled

Amazon has recently started sending fast delivery Prime orders in padded plastic envelopes. This new packaging solution has again caused a backlash. The company has been under fire on Twitter, as the website clearly states that this plastic packaging is not widely recycled in the UK.

Using hashtags including #saynotoplastic and #reduceplasticwaste, customers are asking Amazon to reduce unnecessary packaging and to use cardboard whenever possible. A petition has also been set up, asking Amazon to offer exclusively biodegradable packaging. This would mean phasing out plastic envelopes, bags air pillows and other fillers.

Amazon is by no means the only company to still be using plastic packaging to send goods to online shoppers. As a market leader, it is hoped that consumer influence will encourage them to make positive changes. Other online retailers may then follow suit. E-commerce packaging needs to leave a positive impression of a brand.

Phasing Out Plastic Packaging

Phasing out plastic packaging may sound straight forward. Bespoke cardboard boxes, tins, glass jars and paper-based solutions have been used for packaging for decades. In addition, new biodegradable materials are increasingly available on the market. The challenge is finding a packaging solution that is suitably protective, commercially viable and compliant with regulations that govern specific products.

Toy manufacturer Hasbro is one of the latest companies to commit to phasing out plastics. Even with a dedicated Sustainability Centre, redesigning the majority of their product packaging will take time. They are working to achieve this goal by 2022. The company has also teamed with Terracycle in order to develop a toy recycling programme.

It is hoped that fresh ideas will come to light in this year’s Packaging Innovations and Luxury Packaging event in London. Held in September, the focus will be on sustainability. Event forums will focus on solutions for the cosmetics, food and drink industry, but manufacturers and retailers from any sector can discover opportunities to become more sustainable.

Bespoke Delivery Boxes

As a cardboard box manufacturer, Aylesbury Box Company has worked with customers from a wide range of industries. With expertise in cardboard engineering and design, we have helped many to greatly reduce or entirely remove plastics from product and e-commerce packaging. Our input into affordable print and finish options has also helped to boost brand awareness and customer engagement.

In addition to bespoke boxes, we offer plastic-free fillers that removed the need for bubble wrap and air pockets. Our cardboard boxes and fillers can be recycled and made into new cardboard boxes within a fortnight.

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If public demand has got your company thinking about reusable, recyclable or returnable packaging and you would like to find out whether cardboard could provide the answer, get in touch on 01296 436888. Our friendly team are happy to discuss your requirements and make recommendations.

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