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If new markets are part of your manufacturing growth strategy, packaging has to be part of the plan. Be certain that you have a Culturally acceptable design, correct translation and easy to understand symbols on any printed packaging.
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Packaging Fit for Export Opportunities


Packaging Fit for Export Opportunities

Planned or not, 2020 has been a year of change. Every industry has been affected by the impact of Covid-19. For some, the pandemic has fast-tracked the implementation of future plans. Others, including our box manufacturing company, have adapted to benefit from a surge in demand.

There is no time to sit still; the need for change continues. Customer’s expectations have shifted and their requirements have changed. Some customers will no longer need what you offer, but there will be fresh markets to explore.

In the  PwC Annual Manufacturing Report 2020, 94% of respondents stated that they were adjusting their business model to realise growth. Alongside this, 84% were adopting sustainable manufacturing measures. The reduction of carbon footprint and the growing demand from customers for environmentally considerate solutions were considered a vital long-term strategy.

Prepare for International Trading

As the details of Brexit are finalised, UK manufacturers are open to transforming how they operate. New trade relationships are seen by many as the prime opportunity for growth. There is a chance to alter products and processes to appeal to new markets and UK manufacturers know they cannot afford to let this chance pass.

Departure from the EU will leave gaps, but manufacturers can now look further afield for partners, distributors, sales agents and customers.

Where to Sell

The world is our oyster, so how do you narrow down potential markets? Pinpointing the ideal destination for your goods can be dependent on a wide variety of factors. Compatibility with commonly used systems, available workforce, business culture and custom duty could be among the deciding factors.

International trade shows can provide insight and opportunities, but in 2020, these are limited. Check out online events and forums, as well as seeking support from Government resources and specialist organisations, such as Chamber International.

Export Packaging; What you need to know

Many fulfilment and shipping companies can send your packaged goods abroad, but what do you need to know about packaging design?

Printed Retail Packaging

Your retail packaging is likely to need revising. This is more than a simple translation of the text – but as a good starting point, ensure that a native speaker checks all written content.

What appeals to international consumers will be different to what grabs attention in the UK. Be aware that colours evoke different meanings around the world. Purple may have regal associations in the west, but it is a colour of sorrow and mourning in Brazil, India and Thailand. This colour chart can help you understand the symbolic meanings behind your branding.

You will also need to research the legal requirements for labelling in target countries.

Printed Shipping Cartons

Print on international shipping cartons focuses on information and compliance. Instantly recognisable and globally-used symbols can be effective for communicating handling instructions, storage or safety information.

Robust Industrial Packaging

Double or triple walled industrial packaging may be advised for shipping heavy and bulky components or fragile goods. Bespoke boxes, integrated inserts and non-plastic fillers are also effective in reducing the risk of damage as your products head across the world. As specialist box manufacturers, we can provide industrial-strength corrugated cardboard solutions.

Customs Documentation

All shipments of packaged goods have to be accompanied by the correct documentation. Some countries require customs registration, others may need payments to be made on route. If you are handing goods over to a shipping or fulfilment company, clarify who will take responsibility for the goods and documents at every stage of the delivery process.

Packaging for Exports

If new markets are part of your manufacturing growth strategy, packaging has to be part of the plan. Being sufficiently robust to protect goods in transit is not enough. Be certain that you have a Culturally acceptable design, correct translation and easy to understand symbols on any printed packaging.

For further information on industrial packaging, please contact the Aylesbury Box Company team on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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