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As a retailer, could a template give your e-commerce packaging an exciting twist? Aylesbury Box Company can use print, perforations or die-cut sections to give your boxes a second use.
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Packaging Design with a Twist


Packaging Design with a Twist

Online shopping has helped to keep many of us stocked up during and since lockdown. Companies with e-commerce facilities in place were able to quickly respond to customer needs. Many other retail businesses adapted quickly to package up their products, provide ordering and delivery services.

As a box manufacturer, we know the demand for e-commerce boxes remains high. Many shoppers feel more comfortable ordering goods from the comfort of their home. Without the need to wear a mask or queue to enter a shop, it is easy to see the appeal of having delivery boxes arriving on the doorstep.

The challenge is how to retain these services without increasing our environmental impact through higher levels of packaging waste. Providing printed information on how to recycle e-commerce packaging is an essential step in reducing our impact.

Cardboard boxes can be flattened and collected for recycling, but could repurposing cardboard boxes be a better way to reduce waste?

Templates on Large Cardboard Boxes

Samsung televisions are delivered in large cardboard boxes, which, with a little creativity, can hold so much possibility. The company have committed to reducing the environmental impact of their operations, through manufacturing, lowering emissions and reducing the number of discarded cardboard boxes.

They see the opportunity of reducing waste by encouraging innovative ways to use these cardboard boxes to construct other items for the home. The eco-package range is printed with dotted templates. When flattened and opened out, this can be cut out and reassembled to create simple household items including a small table.

Cardboard Repurposing Competition

To extend the options on their boxes, Samsung and Dezeen teamed up to run a global cardboard repurposing competition.

There were over 1,500 entries from 82 countries across the world. The judges were looking for designs that were aesthetically pleasing, innovative and functional. It was also important that the ideas would be easy for other customers to build at home.

This month, the 15 shortlisted repurposed cardboard designs were selected, with the 5 finalists announced. These included two play items that would appeal to young children:

Intriguing Cardboard Animals

Sarah Willemart and Matthieu Muller worked with the existing folds in the cardboard boxes to create a series of interlocking shapes. When cut out and slotted together, they form a range of endangered animals, which inspire play.

Cardboard Rocking Horse

Andre Cardoso also opted for family fun. His design for a rocking horse makes clever use of the existing print design on the television boxes. This forms a printed saddle for the horse. The robust nature of corrugated cardboard means that this is a toy which can be sat on and ridden.

The other finalists have created storage solutions. These were:

Modular Storage

Abigail Whitelow designed a triangular modular storage system which offers adaptability. Three of these can be constructed from one of the television boxes and they can be arranged in several ways to form a table or stacked for shelving.

Stepped Storage

Revaz Berdzenishvili designed a stepped storage unit, which can sit neatly on a desk or sideboard. The pull-out drawers are ideal for storing items, whilst the steps provide a place to display items in a visually appealing way.

Cardboard Basket

Akhil Kumar turned a box into a stylish ‘twisted basket’. It is formed from just two pieces of cardboard, which means it is easy to repurpose packaging into a useful and multi-purpose item. The aim was to keep it simple to encourage anyone to give it a go.

The judges from Samsung and Dezeen are now deciding on an overall winner, which will be announced in September.

Get Creative with Cardboard Boxes

You may be inspired by the shortlisted designs and there is no need to purchase a television. These designs (and others that you may come up with) could be created from any large cardboard boxes. Before you put that e-commerce packaging in the recycling, consider what else it could be made into.

As a retailer, could a template give your e-commerce packaging an exciting twist? Aylesbury Box Company would love to help you to encourage creativity. We can use print, perforations or die-cut sections to give your boxes a second use. Contact us on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk to discuss packaging design ideas.

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