Aylesbury BOX Company | Packaging Design Review 2021
This article aims to help you to review your current packaging design and determine whether it is fit for purpose.
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Packaging Design Review 2021


Packaging Design Review 2021

Brexit rules, Covid-19 restrictions and rapid shifts in customer behaviours; as a business owner, it can feel as though you have no control over anything. As an e-commerce business, the design of your product packaging and shipping boxes is something that you can take control of. This article aims to help you to review your current packaging and determine whether it is fit for purpose.

Packaging Design Review

Go and get your hands on your current packaging and shipping boxes. Based on your first impressions, do they look well-designed? Are you happy that these are potentially the first interaction with your brand for potential customers?

Brand Recognition

Whether positioned on the shelf in a physical store or arriving on the doorstep, it is important to engage customers with your brand, as well as your product. With a glance, you want them to view your brand as familiar and trusted. Now consider the following questions:

What elements of the packaging design help to distinguish your packaging from the competition?

Does the packaging design include easily-recognisable colours, fonts, icons or shapes?

Do you have consistent branding across your packaging range?

How could the packaging design be improved to better showcase your brand identity?

Printed packaging will help to personalise your brand.

Protective Packaging

The customer wants to receive your goods in top condition. In some cases, no packaging is required whilst for other products, robust, multi-layered packaging may be essential. If your business receives a high volume of damage good returns, it is a clear indicator that a change in packaging is required.

Do your goods need their primary and possibly secondary layers of packaging?

Are fragile, delicate, highly-scented or damage-prone elements properly protected?

Is there a better way to keep your products in pristine condition?

If processing returns is a big issue in your business, bespoke packaging will offer cost savings.

Practical Packaging for Storage and Transportation

Most products have to be stacked for storage and transportation. For this reason, standard-sized rectangular shipping cartons are a popular choice.

Do multiple units of your product packaging easily fit into and fill your shipping containers?

If selling wholesale, are your shipping boxes shelf-ready?

Can the product packaging withstand the pressure of being stacked?

Would altering the packaging dimensions or strength be beneficial?

We can produce boxes in a wide variety of strengths and dimensions.

Considering Safety

For some products, it is advisable to package individual components separately. Your products may incorporate features to minimise the risk of children opening the package. Other safety considerations include the weight of full shipping boxes and the tools being used to access difficult to open packaging.

Would it be valuable to include handling information or other safety points on your packaging?

How easy is it to open your packaging without resorting to knives, scissors and other tools?

Avoid ‘wrap rage’ by including tear strips, perforations and other solutions.

Sustainable Packaging

Customers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact. They are looking to manufacturers and retailers to make it easy for them to opt for ‘green’ solutions. This applies to the choice of packaging materials and reducing the volume of packaging used (without compromising on the other factors). Good packaging design should now be mindful of the reduce, reuse recycle principles.

Is any aspect of your packaging excessive to requirements?

Can you remove or replace any plastic elements in your packaging (including fillers)?

How does your packaging encourage reuse?

How straightforward is it to recycle your packaging in the majority of UK council collection and recycling processes?

Cardboard packaging is practical and sustainable.

Aesthetic Packaging Design

Packaging design can completely transform the perception of your product. It has to be visually appealing to your target client, engaging them and compelling them to buy.

Does your packaging hold its own on the shelf and stand out from the competition?

After such a shift in customer needs and expectations, is your packaging design still relevant and engaging to your target buyer?

How does the packaging communicate the benefits and selling points of the product?

If you were to revamp the product packaging or shipping boxes, what would be the priority?

If you are ready to upgrade the print or design of your packaging, get in touch.

Cardboard Packaging Specialists

If this review has highlighted a need to improve your product packaging and shipping boxes, we can assist. Aylesbury Box Company is a specialist in cardboard packaging solutions. We can assist with packaging design, before manufacturing bespoke boxes which best suit your products and budget. For further information, please contact us on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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